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The Space at Eyam Hall Courtyard

Shaura founded The Pilamaya Centre to support the specialised training courses offered on this site. Since then, she created The Space at Eyam Hall Courtyard, which homes much of her work with groups, including yoga, meditation, sound baths and other ceremonial work. The Space is now expanding into a therapy room and small shop that offers spiritual and psychotherapeutic tools that support transformation and conscious lifestyles.


In a sense, The Space sits within The Pilamaya Centre because it is the site where we train psychotherapists, healers and yoga teachers on supporting human transformation.  Also at The Space is Integration Psychotherapy Services CIC (IPS), a subsidised therapy service co-founded with Jennifer Smallwood. Many of Shaura’s professional trainings can be found on the Pilamaya Centre for Integration Psychotherapy (PCIP) website. 

Some of our shorter offerings can be found below.  Click on the links if you are interested in longer trainings such as  Transpersonal Yoga- 200hrs, Meditation and Facilitation for Mental Health, Yoga Therapy for Addictions, Energy Healing with Reiki, and the diploma in Integration Psychotherapy

Yoga Classes

Start your week as you mean to go on with a 10am yoga class on Monday mornings.  It is a simple science- based practice that is suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

Movement & Sound Bath

Each movement and sound bath session is a two hour embodied journey that steers the practitioner towards deep rest and healing. Next session Tuesday 23rd May 7-9pm. 

Healing Sessions

water hands

Energy Healing sessions with Reiki and other techniques to bring balance to the system, de-stress and improve mood.

Cacao Ceremony

From time to time I offer a 4-hour ceremony with the sacred medicine cacao. Read more about this medicine’s history on our blog here

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