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Please find yourself warmly welcomed to this page, where both myself and the Pilamaya People share our Yoga Nidra recordings. The majority of our offerings are live sessions that we have recorded over zoom during the lockdown period. We want to make them available for those of you who find your way here.
The Pilamaya People start to explore Yoga Nidra in the first 60-hour Pilamaya Yoga Soma module called EMERGE. They deepen their experience and understanding of the practice in each of the subsequent modules. They have generously shared Nidras that have arrived after each module. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

On another note, as I go deeper into the world of Yoga Nidra, dreams, healing, ceremony and, more recently neurosomatic psychotherapy, a Yoga Nidra Therapy training is beginning to drop into my field. I see this as professional training that will be suitable for yoga teachers and therapists alike. drop me line to register your interest or sign up to the mailing list.

Love Shaura

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