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Visit us at The Pilamaya Centre for Integration Psychotherapy (PCIP) to learn more about our Integration Psychotherapy Diploma course.

Integration Psychotherapy® recognises that the body exists in the present, providing a portal for the psycho-emotional-spiritual system to become conscious, and experience each moment with increasing levels of coherence across all aspects of Self.

This new psychotherapeutic approach positions itself as a process-driven training that uses wisdom accumulated across the sciences, including many psychological disciplines, mind-body philosophies, and therapeutic and ceremonial traditions. Our unique blend of didactic and experiential learning offers an adaptive learning environment that nourishes the intellect, heart and soul. As such, the philosophy behind our work is influenced by our diverse learning across traditions and personal experience on the journey to individuation.

Our level 5 accredited Integration Psychotherapy Diploma Course includes content that has been taught in a variety of professional settings since 2103. It has more recently been combined and augmented to give rise to a specific design that unfolds over two years. The journey is delivered through in-person and online teaching times with supplementary course material, required reading, somatic practices, and additional practice exercises to be explored during independent or group study. The program also supports the 2nd year therapy placements with teaching content and live supervision.


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