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Shaura has been working with healing energy since 2005, she became a Reiki master/teacher in 2008. She is also working towards a certificate in Sound Therapy which uses the voice to unblock stagnant energy in the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. She will be offering healing sessions from The Space from 2022 onwards.

In these unprecedented times of great change our systems are processing huge amounts of data.  On top of that, the majority of people are experiencing more stress and anxiety than they ever have before. Our bodies, need to rest and rebuild if we are to give ourselves the best possible chance to stay healthy over the coming years.

What The Session Entails

The one-hour healing sessions begin with a brief conversation which helps you open to what is ready to be worked with.  After that, you will be invited to lay on the couch, fully clothed and Shaura will begin to channel energy into your energetic and physical body.  She may be called to use sound or instruments.  The session ends after 50 minutes and you are left for a short while to integrate the healing in silence.  You may wish to share anything you experienced or keep it with you for another time.  

What To Expect

You might experience heat or cold, have visuals behind your eyes, fall into a dream like state, make contact with guides or beings who bring messages of healing.  You might also feel when blockages are moving, recall long distant memories; you might laugh or cry or simply have a deep and restful healing sleep.  Shaura is completely present with you for the duration of the session. 


Rates £60 per hour


The Space Eyam Hall Courtyard, Hope Valley S32 2QW

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