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Workshops can be anything from 2-8 hours; anything longer is classed as training. Continuous professional development (CPD) points are available for those who need to accrue them annually. Events tend to combine transpersonal practices, such as embodied movement, yoga, or mediation; sometimes ceremony or ritual.
In other workshops, there may be any of the aforementioned things presented together with theory from the psychotherapeutic traditions or physiological effects of health conditions and how we use mind and body practice to bring the person to find balance, create resilience or find a deeper sense of themself.
In this four-hour workshop, Shaura Hall will present a brief lecture on the neurobiology of addiction; the function of human desire and how maladaptation leads to non-normative desire responses leading to an ambivalent cycle, that can erode the sense of self.
Yoga Nidra, translated into English as Yogic Sleep is a wonderful way for people to relax and transform their minds at the deepest level. This four hour workshop with The Minded Institute explores the use of the powerful technique for vulnerable minds

Visit The Pilamaya Centre for Integration Psychotherapy to find out more about our Transpersonal Yoga Teacher Training or Diploma in Integration Psychotherapy. 

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