Yoga Teacher Training |

A variety of online and in-person workshops can be found on this page. In addition to Pilamaya Soma Workshops, Shaura offers Fire Circle Workshops where she invites a circle to come together around a metaphorical fire and focus upon the world that we want to leave behind for the next generations. She also creates and delivers short further training workshops for yoga teachers, therapists and health professionals.  

Yoga Nidra for Mental Health

Various Dates

Yoga Nidra, translated into English as Yogic Sleep is a wonderful way for people to relax and transform their minds at the deepest level. This four hour workshop with The Minded Institute explores the use of the powerful technique for vulnerable minds.

Working with Addictions

In this four-hour workshop, Shaura Hall will present a brief lecture on the neurobiology of addiction; the function of human desire and how maladaptation leads to non-normative desire responses that lead to an ambivalent cycle, eroding the sense of self and trapping the person inside their mind and body programming. 

Pilamaya Soma Yoga

These workshops offer a combination of embodied yoga, spontaneous movement, mediation, information and practices for spiritual growth. They open the space for you to dive into the essence of you.


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