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All courses are curated to share a journey through space and time with groups who come together to support each other as we awaken. The spirit of each course arrives with Shaura and begins to self-create through her. Each offering shares a unique blend of Eastern and Western Sciences, esoteric teachings, sacred ceremonies, or rituals.

Awake the Dreaming

This brand new course has arrived to take us on a journey through the realms of dreaming.

As ever, we bring the wisdom of the West and the East together by sharing concepts and practices that provide the foundation for conscious communities and spiritual growth. The framework the course hangs helps us to explore seven simple values that carry a code to bring humanity to its natural state of being.

We are literally dreaming a new reality, who wants to join?

The Earth Is My Altar

Journey with me and the circle that will form to explore the sacred through altar building and authentic prayer. Let us come together and remember the altars that we carry in our hearts. This free course will be recorded and posted in the resources section of the website for anyone who can’t attend.

Doorway to Meditation Eight-Week Course

The course has been curated to offer a gradual pathway for those who are at the beginning stages of a meditation journey and for those who wish to participate in a group dynamic that supports healing through meditation and conscious facilitation.  The course is equally important for long term practitioners as we sometimes need a fresh doorway to get out of grooves that our minds create. 

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