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The Earth Is My Altar


1st March – 12th of April


A seven-week course in altar-building and authentic prayer 


Years ago, I stood in someone’s sacred altar with a group of people who came together to pray for my healing. Something shifted in my whole being, and I began to walk on a different path. Over the last seventeen years, I have built altars that remind me to connect to the mystery of life. When new groups form for learning, we create an altar that helps to capture their intentions for that journey. Since 2019 I have been regularly visiting my personal altar for deep processing that keeps me connected to the shift that is occurring.  

In 2019 I began to walk towards OneSpirit interfaith ministry, and in July 2021, I will be ordained. It is here that I have learned to build living altars that we call ceremony.  

I’ve realised that our hearts are reflected in the altars we build, and I am guided to share four workshops with whoever wants to arrive. Prayers and altars go together. How many of us have been taught how to pray from the heart? I will offer three workshops on creating authentic prayer. The whole course is a seven-week offering.  

The Journey

The themes of each week build upon each other to share some of the comprehensions I have come to over the years of building altars. 

We will use a combination of meditation, movement, creativity and practical teaching for participants to experience and create the altars and prayers that are already inside them.  

The seven themes are below.  

  1. Foundations of building an altar
  2. Building for a specific purpose
  3. Connecting to your higher self as you build
  4. Geometry and precision for advanced work
  5. Foundations of authentic prayer
  6. Speaking to source
  7. Being the living prayer
The Dates and Times
Monday evenings 6-7:30pm

1st March
8th March
15th March
22nd March
29th March
5th April
12th April

Other Details

My elders have taught me, that there are some things we can’t put a price on, inviting the sacred into our lives through altars and prayer cannot be charged for.

All sessions will be on zoom and part of them will be recorded on speaker view so people can access the workshops from my website.

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