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Yoga Nidra is a multi-layered adaptogenic practice that can be curated to fit all those who wish to dive into the experience. For years Shaura has specialised in offering it for mental health and has used it consistently with people in recovery from addictions since 2012.  She also teaches it as part of her more extensive yoga and meditation teacher training programmes.

Yoga Nidra, translated into English as Yogic Sleep is a wonderful way for people to relax and transform their minds at the deepest level. Arising from the ancient practice of Nyasa, meaning ‘to place’, Yoga Nidra holds huge potential for physiological regulation and psychological integration – especially if it is created and delivered from a neurologically informed place.

About the Workshop

During this online day workshop, Shaura will share a lecture that includes a brief history of the practice and how it has been adapted for the Western worldview.  She will discuss how the stress response affects the body and therefore the mind, which will be discussed from psychological and yogic perspectives.  The role that embodiment plays for calming the overactive mind will also be presented view a view to understanding how the practice supports the vulnerable mind by strengthening the whole system.


There will be two Yoga Nidra practices offered, with scrips and recordings provided to participants, plenary discussions with guidance on how to teach Yoga Nidra online, how to tailor the practice to individual needs, and how to apply aspects of Yoga Nidra to other relaxation-based practices.

Dates and Investment

TBC~ Online 


Participants will receive a certificate with 6 CPD hours upon completion of the course.

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