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The fourth Quadrant in the Pilamaya Soma 300TT

This course is 5 night residential for those who have completed the earlier modules.

20-25th March 2023

Surrender invites the participant to consciously claim their highest potential through experiential processes that connect to the Great Mystery. The group explores itself through the lens fo sacred ceremony. The element we embody is metal and the meridians are the lungs and the large intestine.

There are two somatic focusses. The Universe in the Body, acknowledging our true nature leads us to accept the inevitable and eventually we surrender to the divine inside. We recognise ourselves as the medicine of life and take our places as The Dancer in the web and share our light with existence. 


Participants will learn to use Embodied Yin, spontaneous movement, and Yoga Nidra to deeply experience their inner-worlds.  As we celebrate ourselves for making it this far, we also learn how to work with ending that must come before the next beginning.  The respiratory system shows us how each breath is an ending and beginning, and so, we discuss this vital aspect of our existence. 

We explore how our practice supports the lymphatic system to deliver waste fluids over to the circulatory system and out via the kidneys, urinary system. The practices and meditations bring us back to the Elder who resides in the heart. As we connect to what has always been there our presence shifts to a whole new frequency; the wisdom in the heart returns and we broadcast our innate magnificence.  The observer that looks through these eyes sees the true energy of the Universe, that that encompasses both light and dark, the force of Love. 

This quadrant will have a deeply nourishing effect on those who have undergone transformational processes that include shadow and integrative work.  It offers the opportunity to reside in our essence and to celebrate ourselves and each other.  It will be of benefit to yoga teachers who wish to include the practices and ceremony in their workshops. Therapists who take this training will connect to something greater than themselves; the energy that they broadcast into the field becomes potent with the force of Love.


  • Exploring our inner elder through Embodied Yin Yoga, diving into the relaxation response to comprehend the nourishing effect of this practice
  • Further exploration of the subtle bodies in movement and stillness
  • Letting go of all form to dance with the living Field
  • Sharing self-expressed movement and sequences for assessment
  • Exploring the subject of completion through movement, meditation, ceremony, and journeys


  • Sharing songs for ceremony and celebration
  • Sounds that the group have offered to each other

Integrative Sciences

  • The respiratory system, oxygen saturation and the effect of mind-bodydy practices
  • The impact of movement-based practices on the lymphatic system
  • Tracking the meridians of the large intestine and the lungs

Therapeutic Skills

  • Sequencing for restoration
  • Use of the relaxation response in groups or client-work
  • Deep practices for spiritual development
  • Holding the process for each other
  • Contacting with the other
  • Preparing for endings

Spirit of Pilamaya

  • Connecting to Lord Indra as an ally for the Warrior in Service of the Land
  • Writing our ceremonies either to graduate from the 300 hours or to affirm ourselves in a different way.
  • This course is currently a 60-hour offering
  • Online format
  • Two weekends (Friday evening to Sunday evening)
  • plus 6 * two-hour weekly sessions
  • Investment is £625 (Deposit £200)


Pay deposit or full payment..

“The course is an amazing blend of eastern philosophy and western science, consolidated by the practice of asana and meditation”.

Gail Stephens

Founder/Director, Dancing Warriors

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