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There have always been humans who wish to work for the betterment of their companions on earth. Today humanitarian work can take on many guises; you may be a healer, talk therapist, physical therapist, coach or you may manage people.

Working responsibly with others often means that we need to be supported in some way or other. Supervision itself is multi-modal and offers: psychology, psychotherapy, group dynamics, inter-subjectivity, conscious communication and appreciative mindful inquiry.

What is supervision?

The aim of supervision is to provide a safe space and period of time where the supervisor is fully present and completely absorbed in the life’s work of the supervisee. Both parties work together to illuminate aspects of relationships that may be hiding in the shadows or so close to the light that we are temporarily blinded.

Therapeutic Supervision

Therapeutic supervision is currently available by Skype. A conversation with Shaura allows both parties to get a feel of the potential in the relationship; from there timescales and payment can be agreed upon. Online Supervision sessions are typically charged at £60 per hour. 

Group Supervision

Group supervision and processing offers powerful tools that allow groups to work together and express themselves in a safe environment. Online group supervision is typically charged at £100 per hour and £140 for 90 minutes, reduced rates are available upon agreement for community projects.

What does supervision with Shaura look like?

Shaura’s rich Supervision training with Joan Wilmot and Robin Shohet at CTSD London, Yoga Therapy training with the Minded Institute have formed the foundation for her current skillset. In addition she constantly undertakes process based and consciousness oriented trainings that provide a richness to the work.

In the traditional form of supervision the two people are suspended in the moment as they look and feel through some of the subjects presented by the supervisee.  As the participants process what arises in the Field they become explorers in space and time. The messages from their subconscious minds have time to unfold and a sense of clarity is reached.


Individual £60 per hour

Group £100 per hour and £140 for 90 mins.

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