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The specialist training courses offered on this page differ in subject, but some themes are recurring throughout the work. All training courses include some movement and embodied meditation. Everything is delivered through a neurologically informed lens and is geared towards creating physiological balance in the participants.

This work holds the scientific and the sacred as having equal value. Our minds understand through our ability to make sense of data, and our embodied awareness brings us closer to the Spirit of all things. By bringing mind and body together, our systems integrate the wholeness of the human being, resulting in a more restful way of experiencing life.

The Transpersonal Yoga training is for anyone who wants to understand more about yoga and themselves, those who wish to teach yoga and yoga teachers who have already done a foundation course. It is a nine-month transformative journey delivered through a unified understanding of science and spirituality, held within a psychotherapeutic frame that encourages personal growth in all the dimensions of self. This course can also be found at the Pilamaya Centre as an entry pathway to our Integration Psychotherapy diploma.

This unique meditation training is accredited as a continuing professional development course (CPD) with the National Council for Integrative Psychotherapists (NCIP) through Shaura’s training organisation, the Pilamaya Centre. It guides participants to facilitate therapeutic, meditative processes through the lens of Integration Psychotherapy. It also teaches students to deliver an eight-week meditation course suitable for those new to meditation and equally valuable for more experienced meditators.

There has never been a better time to learn how to practice one of the healing traditions.The recent pandemic has created a wave of illness and panic in the world population. There is a global rise in mental health problems, and many infrastructures are breaking down. World pollution is ever-rising, and our climate is changing. We are heading into an uncertain future, and the best outcome for us is to take ownership of our wellbeing.

This four-day training is a professional development course that takes an integrative yogic-based approach to addictions. Shaura shares specialised mind-body practices that she has been using in the recovery field for around fifteen years. The course explores the impact of socioeconomic placement, infant attachment and trauma on those vulnerable to full-blown addiction. We and explore the neurobiological implications of addiction and how to support through mind and body practice. 

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