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The journey so far has taken me down roads that explored some of the different dimensions of the human experience.  These paths have not always been pleasant or easy to walk, but they have brought me to the place that I currently stand and by the time you read this text, I will be somewhere else.  I make my home in this dynamic field that we exist inside of; in this place, our Spirits communicate with others, and we can be aware of the co-creative dance of the Soul.

Shaura's Spiritual Background

My entrance on the path back to wholeness was in 2004 when I found myself in a North American, First Nations People sweatlodge; soon after, I sat up in a Native American Church (NAC) all-night tipi meeting.  Both of those experiences helped me to find meaning in life and gave me the motivation that I needed to find my way back to a road of reverence.  On the way from there, I have studied Reiki Healing, different forms in the Yogic tradition, including Yoga Therapy, furthered my education in adult training, Counselling skills, Health Sciences and in 2021, I became Ordained as an Interfaith Minister with OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. My studies are now taking me towards a diploma in Neurosomatic Psychotherapy, and I will continue to learn until I am ready to pass through the gates of death.

Ministerial Background

As a Minster Ordained into service to Spirit, I enjoy creating and choreographing programs that genuinely represent those sealing their intentions through the ceremony.  Over the years, I have studied different faith paths and am eager to learn new ways of looking at belief systems, including the scientific approach.  I have been involved in ceremonies for the past 18 years; my worship path is multifocal and deeply connected to the concept of a Great Mystery that I would call creator.  My prayers have long been for humanity to recognise ourselves as children of the Earth, for us to ensure that all beings have clean water, that we can breathe unpolluted air, and for us to connect to the light of our sun.

Creation of Ceremonies

I can create ceremonies of great depth just for fun or anything in between. They can have a spiritual element or none at all; the most important thing for me is that the ceremony fully represents the holders and their congregation.  I am at home welcoming babies into their names, standing with those going through a process of initiation, being the witness to the promises made between two people, and being the presence who officially hands a Spirit over to those who work in the afterlife.

Ministerial Services

I am available for Spiritual Counselling for anyone who is undergoing spiritual crisis or awakening and for those in the process of grief for any reason whatsoever. You can visit me at The Space, Eyam Hall Courtyard, S32 5QW, to discuss your ceremony or take counselling.  We can also meet online.

An idea of the packages is below; please feel free to ask if you want something else.  Events outside of Sheffield and Hope Valley incur extra travelling charges, including overnight stays where necessary.  If you are drawn to my approach but can’t factor in the additional costs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me as one of my colleagues might be closer to you.

Wedding and Handfasting Ceremonies

I will create a bespoke program that represents your commitment to each other. If necessary, a dress rehearsal, conducting the event and support on the day. Couples will also receive a certificate and a keepsake copy of the ceremony.


Baby Naming Ceremonies

Option One: A bespoke programme, certificate and keepsake copy of the ceremony. 


Option two: As above, but with the added option of a spiritual name specific to your child, this incurs an extra charge as I will need to go into a personal ceremony to ask for the spiritual name.


Initiation Ceremonies

Option one: As the wedding package


Option two: Mini Vision Quest, for those who want to spend a few hours asking for guidance in nature.  Upon their return, there is space to share what has been received and declare how they will take it forward in the world.

Costs TBD

Option three: Twenty-Four-hour Vision Quest, for those who wish to spend 24 hours fasting and meditating in nature.  A portal will be opened for you to enter into the Spirit world, and we will welcome you back into the Earthly realms any time (up to 24 hours) you are ready to return. My partner is a firekeeper in a sacred ceremony we attend in Oregon, and he keeps the fire, and we hold a sacred space until you return.

Costs TBD

Funeral Ceremonies

An honouring of life program co-created between family members and myself, one home or online visit, support in the run-up to the funeral and delivery on the day.


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