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 Integration Psychotherapy

Integration Psychotherapy is the creative expression that Shaura offers to the field of psychotherapy. It incorporates her learning since she began with work in the helping field in 2005 and also includes aspects from her current diploma in Neurosomatic Psychotherapy.

What is Integration Psychotherapy?

Integration psychotherapy with Shaura is a talking therapy that is a culmination of the learning that Shaura has undertaken so far and it will continue to evolve as she does.

It is Influenced by much of the wisdom gathered in the early days of the psychological movement to the present moment. It incorporates methods from Yoga Therapy and a host of other traditions that are appropriate for talking therapy.

It seeks to work with the many dimensions of the human being and support each person to come back to a holistic sense of self and embody their true potential.

Who is it for?

In general, psychotherapy is a long term commitment to the self.  It requires the client and therapist to create a therapeutic alliance for the purpose of healing. 

Integration psychotherapy is may draw people who have experienced chronic psychological distress, had an acute shock or wish to support themselves generally in life. 

What does Integration Psychotherapy help with?

Shaura has worked therapeutically with people in recovery from addictions since 2009. In this setting, most people have at least one other comorbidity, such as ADHD, Autism, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, Personality Disorders and OCD. Many people have found working with Shaura has helped them to find sense of calm within the system which supports their recovery journey.

Shaura has is also worked with people who have busy lives, suffered with stress and many kinds of trauma. As an adult trainer in the wellbeing field, she has supported hundreds of students through psychological processes and spiritual awakenings.

One of the primary aims of therapy with Shaura is to encourage the other to trust in the process of life however painful it might have been at some points. When trust arises in the space of the heart, our eyes become adjusted to the beauty of the natural world and our feeling of separateness dissipate. When we truly comprehend that we are connected to this planet, to each other and to the oneness of life then our suffering diminishes exponentially. The process of re-integration aligns us with our true nature and thus is worth every moment of our effort.

How does it work?

Sessions with Shaura supports the system to reconnect to a unified field of consciousness by using appropriate mind and body methods on the journey from the personal self to the transpersonal realm. 

She works through a model called the Nine Dimensions of Self, which incorporates the whole person.  Therefore, the therapy has scope to work with mind, body and soul. 

Rates £60 per hour or £80 for a 90 minute session. Additional charges will apply if travel to a venue is needed.
Therapeutic sessions with Shaura are currently offered:

Online sessions, via Skype or Zoom

In Person – The Space Eyam Hall Courtyard, Hope Valley S32 2QW

What happens in a therapeutic session?
You will meet with Shaura and connect to what is arising within you that wishes to be worked with in that moment. Each process is unique  and can be worked through by dialogue, breathing, meditation or movement..
The process
Working in relationship with Shaura requires a commitment to the evolution of the Self.  Those who will benefit mostly from this work are people who wish to learn how regulate their nervous systems or dive deeper into their consciousness and on the path back to wholeness.
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