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 Integration Psychotherapy

Integration Psychotherapy is the creative expression that Shaura offers to the field of psychotherapy. It incorporates her learning since she working in the helping field in 2005 including her NCIP accredited qualification in Neurosomatic Psychotherapy. Integration Psychotherapy brings something new into this field. It combines approaches from talking therapy, somatic practices and multifaith paths with a science-based understanding of the human system and the individuation process.

Shaura has developed a model of working that helps people access parts of themselves that they may not know are there, allowing them to discover hidden resources that can be drawn upon outside the therapy session. Her rigorous training background in Yoga Therapy provides a foundation for her trauma-informed work, supporting clients to feel safe enough to come into the present moment and be able to regulate themselves.

Suitability for Integration Psychotherapy

In general, psychotherapy is a long term commitment to the self.  It requires the client and therapist to create a therapeutic alliance for the purpose of healing. Integration psychotherapy is may draw people who have been in talking therapy for a while and wish to explore a more embodied approach. It is suitable for those who have experienced chronic psychological distress, had an acute shock or wish to support themselves generally in life.

Why work with Shaura?

Shaura has worked therapeutically with people in recovery from addictions since 2009. In this setting, most people have at least one other comorbidity, such as ADHD, Autism, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, Personality Disorders and OCD. Many people have found working with Shaura has helped them to find sense of calm within the system which supports their recovery journey.

Shaura has is also worked with people who have busy lives, suffered with stress and many kinds of trauma. As an adult trainer in the wellbeing field, she has supported hundreds of students through psychological processes and spiritual awakenings.

Fees and Location

Shaura’s rates are:

£70, per 50 minute session. Additional charges will apply if travel to a venue is needed.

Shaura occasionally works with couples.  The fees for couples therapy is available for £100, per 50 minute session.

You can work with Shaura online – Available via Zoom or Skype or, in person – The Sanctuary at Eyam Hall Courtyard, Hope Valley S32 2QW

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