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The third Quadrant of the 300 hours Pilamaya Soma TT

This course is currently a 60-hour offering – online format

9-11th December 2022 + 20-22nd January 2023

Deepen invites the participant to consciously claim their highest potential through experiential processes that focus on the adult phase; where we become more adept at navigating life. The element that we embody is earth, the meridians are the spleen and the stomach.

The somatic focus, is The Receptive Body, deepening into the exteroceptive and interoceptive senses. The body as the receiver of a continuous flow of information that emanates from the field, we become conscious of ourselves in relationship to the  the central dreamer and the dream of life.


Participants will learn to use practices from Hatha Yoga and spontaneous movements; exploring tantrik mediations and practices that connect us to the subtle aspects of our beings. By systematically placing our awareness in the subtle body we gain access to portals that open to different forms of consciousness. Deep healing occurs when we integrate the aspects of self that have unconsciously passed through such gateways. We discover how to use storytelling and metaphor in our therapeutic or movement-based practices.

The course will also explore the seven major chakras in depth.  In particular, we elucidate the difference between the traditional practices and the formulation of the Western model, that has been developed into bio-psycho-social- spiritual framework, that is currently used by therapists and healers to diagnose imbalances and prescribe practices to bring the system back to balance.

Glancing into the research on mirror neurons supports our exploration of how movement and ritual can be used to develop rapport with others and also support executive function (regulated brain). This is particularly useful for yoga teachers and therapists, who wish to have a deeper understanding of how subtle body practices can be utilised for deep healing in clients or groups.


  • Somatic practices that journey through the subtle bodies for the adult adept
  • Deeper grounding practices to prepare us to enter into the subtle and return back to the ground
  • Tantric meditations that take us deeper into the experience of self through sound, visualisation, and breath
  • Storytelling and movement—weaving the story through movement practices


  • Learning songs for healing the other, the collective, and ourselves.
  • Working with drums and other sounds to support our journeys.
  • Finding and freeing the sounds within ourselves.

Integrative Sciences

  • Mirror neurons, play and the development of movement patterns, intuition and empathy.
  • The seven major chakras as a framework to work with psychological, emotional, and physical aspects of ourselves, the other, and the collective
  • The major energy channels in relation to solar and lunar energy and our natural rhythms
  • The basics of atomic entanglement to help us to discover the subtle facilitator
  • Tracking the meridians of the stomach and the spleen
  • Using Mudras

Therapeutic Skills

  • Collaborative facilitation structures to deepen the awareness of energetic holding
  • Partner facilitation, holding safe space for others as they journey into unconscious states
  • Field Work and facilitation: living and breathing with the Field as we facilitate
  • Using movement and pressure points to clear, release, and shift the energy

Spirit of Pilamaya

  • The similarities between mystical stories that birth traditions and deeper meaning behind them.
  • Connecting to the qualities of Lord Shiva inside all beings: simplicity, compassion, truth, integrity and forgiveness
  • Embodying the dance of Shakti and Shiva
  • This course is currently a 60-hour offering
  • Online format
  • Two weekends (Friday evening to Sunday evening)
  • plus 6 * two-hour weekly sessions
  • Investment is £625 (Deposit £200)
Pay deposit or full payment..

“The course is an amazing blend of eastern philosophy and western science, consolidated by the practice of asana and meditation”.

Gail Stephens

Founder/Director, Dancing Warriors

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