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The centre module in the Pilamaya Soma 300TT

This course is currently a 60-hour offering- online format

8-11th September + 21-23rd October 2022

Comprehend invites the participant to consciously claim their highest potential through experiential processes that focus on comprehending themselves as intuitive beings in the web of life. The element we embody is the triune fire or Agni and the meridians are the small intestine and the heart.

There are two somatic focuses. We connect to The Broadcasting Body; comprehending the subtle messages that emanate from us and out to the field. Exploring The Intuitive Body we become conscious of the messages that flit between us and the field. We feel the flow of life that passes through us.


Participants will learn to use practices from Hatha and Kundalini Yoga together with spontaneous movements to engender transformation in the physical and energy bodies. Using meditations with fire and learning how to conduct respectful fire ceremonies connect us to this lifegiving element. A deeper exploration into the practice of mudras elucidates how we can conserve and move energy by sealing fingers and body parts together. Furthermore, working with mudras deepens our relationship to the silent communication used by humans to commune over the ages with deities.

We explore the use of ceremony and ritual in groups settings or therapeutic work, this includes processes around the use of initiation to mark changes in the cycle of life. We specifically bring our focus to the gross and subtle systems that are linked to transformation. The circulatory system supports the organism by transporting gases; we work with practices that stimulate the circulatory system in tandem with those that generate movement in the energetic systems.

This quadrant concentrates on shifting deep imprints that reside in the unconscious; as such, it prepares the way for the practitioner to walk the sacred path as a being that has left many personal narratives behind. The course will have significant value to yoga teachers who have been teaching for a number of years; it will be of equal benefit to therapists who are in the process of undergoing their own deep transformational work and those who hold that space for others.


  • Exploring our inner elder through Embodied Yin Yoga, diving into the relaxation response to comprehend the nourishing effect of this practice
  • Further exploration of the subtle bodies in movement and stillness
  • Letting go of all form to dance with the living Field
  • Sharing self-expressed movement and sequences for assessment
  • Exploring the subject of completion through movement, meditation, ceremony, and journeys


  • Using the voice to unblock stagnant energy
  • Use of celestial communication through sound and mudra

Integrative Sciences

  • Understanding the circulatory system and the role yoga and movement play in heart health
  • The electromagnetic energy of the heart
  • History of Agni as a deity and spiritual intercessor
  • Agni and ama as two opposing energy forces
  • The ten vayus in movement and breathwork
  • Tracking the meridians of the small intestine and the heart

Therapeutic Skills

  • The process of initiation in therapy
  • Introduction to creating ceremony
  • Use of ritual in therapy or group work
  • Aligned business practices
  • Skills practice

Spirit of Pilamaya

  • Connecting to the Field with Dreamweaving processes
  • Sourcing the ceremony that wishes to be expressed
  • Initiation processes
  • This course is currently a 60-hour offering
  • Online format
  • Two weekends (Friday evening to Sunday evening)
  • plus 6 * two-hour weekly sessions
  • Investment is £625 (Deposit £200)
Pay deposit or full payment..

“The course is an amazing blend of eastern philosophy and western science, consolidated by the practice of asana and meditation”.

Gail Stephens

Founder/Director, Dancing Warriors

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