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The second Quadrant of the 300 hours Pilamaya Soma TT

This course is currently a 60-hour offering – online format

 3-5th June + 29-31st July 2022


Awaken invites the participant to consciously claim their highest potential through experiential processes that focus on experiential process to work with the teenage energy.  The element that we embody is wood, the meridians are the liver and the gallbladder.  There are two somatic focuses, the course begins to sense into how the body moves forward in space – The Propelling Body.
The practitioner is invited to explore the relationship between movement and the nervous system, in particular, how rhythm and repetition create patterns that lead to ease of movement. We become aware that we belong to flow of life and start to direct our own dance. This naturally leads us to experience The Awakening Body, where the awareness of the body as a microcosmic representation of the entire Universe is downloaded.
Participants will learn to use practices from Hatha Yoga and spontaneous movements; using our knowledge of how movement gives rise to neuroplasticity, we use rhythmic sequencing delivered with a somatic understanding to speed up the process of change. This is particularly useful for those who wish to deliver practices that are rooted in embodiment and scientific knowledge. Our exploration of the autonomic nervous system includes the stress response and explores how mind and body practice can be used to support internal stability.

The principles of this quadrant also create the foundation for trauma- informed approaches; we have a workshop on teaching for vulnerable people. Yoga teachers and therapist would benefit from learning how flow yoga and relaxation practices can be used to reduce the biological effects of the stress response and bring balance to the nervous system.


  • Somatic exploration of hatha flow yoga to explore the teenage to young adult phase of life
  • Using finely tuning movement to promote neuroplasticity
  • Physical and emotional grounding to support regulation
  • Embodied practices to support influence networks that connect to emotional wellbeing
  • Introduction to working with anxiety and depression
  • Trauma-informed teaching approach as our foundation
  • Tankrik Meditations to connect to the internal world
  • Deep Relaxation Practices influenced by hypnotherapy

  • Journey through consciousness of the heartbeat
  • Sanskrit Mantra including Baba Hanuman and Om Name Bagavate Vasudevaya
  • Mantra from Kundalini Yoga
Integrative Sciences

  • The role of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and homeostasis
  • Neurobiology of the stress response
  • The long-term effects of the fight-or-flight-or-freeze response
  • Working with the vagus nerve
  • Promoting Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Supporting the autonomic nervous system through breath and movement
  • Introduction to neuroplasticity
  • Understanding the role of movement to re-pattern the system
  • Introduction to the cerebellum and the pathways support emotional and physical balance
  • Tracking the meridians of the liver and the gallbladder
  • The Energy Body
Therapeutic Skills

  • Breath and movement to support HRV
  • Grounding and regulatory techniques
  • Holding space for teenage energy
  • Trauma-informed workshop
  • Intelligent sequencing to promote neuroplasticity
  • Sequencing for physical and emotional balance
  • Use of mudra for stress regulation
Spirit of Pilamaya

  • Qualities of fierce devotion and inner strength
  • Connecting to Shri Hanuman (the Monkey God) as one of our allies
  • Ancestor Dance to connect to the ones who have walked this Earth before us
  • This course is currently a 60-hour offering
  • Online format
  • Two weekends (Friday evening to Sunday evening)
  • plus 6 * two-hour weekly sessions
  • Investment is £625 (Deposit £200)
Pay deposit or full payment..

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Wondering what yoga teacher training is really like?

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“The course is an amazing blend of eastern philosophy and western science, consolidated by the practice of asana and meditation”.

Gail Stephens

Founder/Director, Dancing Warriors

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