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Shaura Hall is an accredited Yoga Therapist C-IAYT, and creator of the Yoga Therapy for Addictions Continuing Professional Development training with the Minded Institute.

As a certified Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals, Shaura teaches and works with Hatha, Kundalini, and Yin Yoga, as well as mindfulness, meditation and Yoga Nidra practices.

Her Pilamaya Soma Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training shares a pathway to the heart via diverse yogic practices.

Shaura has been working to deliver yoga and relaxation in the recovery field since 2009. During her Professional Certificate In Yoga Therapy training, Shaura studied the neurobiology of mental health, and this greatly influenced her understanding of addiction as both a physiological and a psychological process, giving her the ability work with those experiencing it with efficacy and compassion.

Shaura now teaches yoga for addiction and energetic sciences as a Senior Lecturer on this Minded Institute training programme.

Shaura has a wealth of experience in addictions. As well as being a Yoga Therapist for Mental Health, she is a trained Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention facilitator and an Addictions Recovery Coach.

She holds a certificate in Supervision to offer specialist support to therapists who work with those who experience addiction.

But Shaura also has a personal understanding how yoga can greatly assist in recovery. After years of her own addiction, Shaura became relapse-free in 2002. Yoga practice was integral to her recovery and offered a deep spiritual transformation that led to her development into becoming a yoga teacher and therapist.

Her strong therapeutic background led to Shaura’s passion for a robust physiological and psychological understanding of the human body, to become a mind-and-body practitioner who can support others from a whole-person perspective.

To this end, Shaura is currently working towards a BSc hooks STEM, and shares scientific wisdom in all of the yoga and mind-and-body programmes she offers.

It is in this realm of thought that The Yogologist, and Yogologie, continue to grow.

Photography featured on this page by Savannah van der Niet.
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