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All information on this form is strictly confidential. It will be read by Shaura and stored either on her password protected hard or in Google documents. Your email address will  not be shared with a person or business outside of the Pilamaya team– we will only add you to a mailing list if you request that we do so. We will only contact your emergency contacts in the instance of an emergency.

Please save this information with your name in the title before submitting the form.


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I understand that yoga is a practice that involves physical movement, breathing and meditation. I represent that to the best of my knowledge and belief I am able to participate in these activities. If I have questions regarding these practices I will speak to my doctor and to the course facilitator to receive further counsel and will follow his/her advice.

I understand that yoga does involve movement and as with any physical practice, in the unlikely event that injury does occur I will not hold Shaura Hall or any member of the Pilamaya team liable. I hereby assume full responsibility for any risk or injury, arising out of or related to my participation and or instruction in this course.

I also understand that the Pilamaya team have curated a course that teaches me how to vocalise and demonstrate yoga practices that work with the needs of the group. In addition, the mentorship programme will further show me how to lead from the heart and promote authentic ways of living in this world. Occasionally this methodology may bring up some personal issues for me. I fully understand that un-peeling these layers may offer the opportunity for me to process and develop equanimity, which is a vital component to becoming a leader that shares the heart-way. I agree that by working with Pilamaya I have committed to becoming more conscious of myself as an individual who exists within a group of awakening souls that we call humanity.

To the best of my knowledge and belief all information on this form is accurate. I understand its terms and conditions and am aware of its legal consequences. I have had the opportunity to personally discuss with the instructor any concerns that I might have.

By completing and returning this form by email I confirm that I have read and understood the information above.

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