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The Pilamaya Centre 

The Pilamaya Centre for Integration Psychotherapy (PCIP) is a professional training organisation and home to the newly accredited Integration Psychotherapy (IP) Diploma course. The PCIP’s mission is to promote wholeness in all aspects of life through their recognition that all humans have an innate capacity for healing and transformation.

Originally Pilamaya Training, Shaura’s company evolved into The Pilamaya Centre when the Integration Psychotherapy course received accreditation from NCIP and Integration Psychotherapy Services was created in 2022. Shaura is now the PCIP director and delivers a range of training courses, CPDs, and community mental health initiatives with the support of a small team.

Integration Psychotherapy Services

Integration Psychotherapy Services (IPS) is a community interest company committed to providing immediate relief to those in members of the community who need it most. IPS works by matching individuals with trainee and graduate psychotherapists able to provide free or low-cost psychotherapy with quality clinical supervision.

IPS was co-founded by Shaura Hall and Jennifer Smallwood and currently works as an arm of The Pilamaya Centre in support of the local community and Pilamaya Centre students. Together, Shaura and Jen are working to create a model of inspiration through IPS’s work to inspire the wider field of Psychotherapy and mental health professionals to seek creative solutions to tackle the public mental health crises in the UK.


The NAOS Institute

The NAOS Institute works across a variety of mental health and therapeutic disciplines to support the personal and professional developments of pioneers and agents of change in within therapy, organisation development, community building, mental health and within faith communities. Working with NAOS offers a high level of self-awareness and ‘being’ as a foundation for relationship between inner work and collective change.

Shaura trained as a Neurosomatic Psychotherapist with NAOS in 2020 and continues to work closely with leading specialists in Neurosomatic therapy in her work with The PCIP. She also works with NAOS supervisors and continues to explore herself through of their advanced training programmes.


The Minded Institute

The Minded Institute is a leader in the development and implementation of yoga therapy and mindfulness programs in healthcare, especially for those suffering from mental health distress, medical conditions, and chronic illness.

In 2011, Shaura trained in Yoga Therapy with the Minded Institute, where she is now a senior lecturer and apart of the supervision training team. Shaura has created a number of Minded’s continued professional development (CPD) courses, including their Yoga Therapy for Addictions, Yoga Nidra for Mental Health, and Advanced Supervision course. She is also teaches on their new Integrative Yoga Psychotherapy course.

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Please get touch if you have any questions about our work within the professional community or would like to discuss opportunities to partner with the Yogologist. Please be aware that we do read all enquires, but due to a high volume of emails we are not always able to respond to collaboration requests.

Location: Shaura is based in the Peak District in the UK.

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