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Community Psychedelic Integration Series

More and more people in the west are being drawn to work with psychedelic plant medicines to improve their mental health and quality of life, or as a part healing from past trauma and addiction. Yet, few opportunities exist for community psychedelic integration with qualified therapists or mental health professionals who have embodied the psychedelic experience. Researchers have found that this absence or lack of adequate integrative support may lead to extreme confusion and psychological distress, or even re-traumatisation and relapse.

In response to this, we are offering this Community Psychedelic Integration series to provide online Group Integration Psychotherapy (3-hour) sessions for anyone currently in need of integrative support following a psychedelic experience. Whether you have taken a psychedelic in a therapeutic, recreational, ceremonial, or clinical setting, you are invited to join us for this group integration series, where you will have space to explore and integrate unprocessed psychedelic experiences through all layers of Self: Body (soma), Mind (psyche), and Soul.

The Facilitator

This container for community psychedelic integration series is held by 3 hour online group Integration Psychotherapy sessions facilitated by Shaura Hall, an experienced Integration Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapy & Addiction specialist, and seasoned Psychedelic Facilitator with over 18 years of experience working with therapeutic plant medicines in ceremonial settings. Shaura has dedicated her life to promoting healing in collective consciousness and the creation of transformational spaces supporting those on a path to embodiment and individuation.


What to Expect

This psychedelic integration series takes place online (via Zoom), with each session unfolding over a two-hour period, in a group psychotherapy format. These sessions are specifically designed to flow and adapt to the needs of each person as the group comes together.

Session will involve the following elements:

Shaura will contain the session with a theme arising in her field. The tone for the session is set through a short meditation that may include a poem, reading or prayer.

She will ask the group if anyone has something they want to work with that feels connected to the theme.
The integration session could involve movement, sound, cognitive processing or a technique called brainspotting. You can find out more about brainspotting here.

The group takes a 15-minute break for reflection and journaling.

Dreamweaving opens the space for everyone’s voices to be heard as you are invited to report on the hear-and-now experience.

There is a meditation to fully integrate all that moved before we close the session.

The DreamWeaving Process

DreamWeaing is a group process devised by Shaura in 2017 to support the teacher training groups she was holding. The technique arrived in Shaura’s consciousness when she was interacting with Arnold Mindell’s process work, training to work therapeutically with plant medicines and studying for a certificate in supervision. 

DreamWeaving works with the information in the particles that surround us. Arnold Mindell calls it the Dreaming and contains all of the data that gives rise to what he terms consensus reality – the shared experience that we consent to have. The Dreaming is a vast pool of collective, ancestral, familial, spiritual, psychic and somatic data – everything we can possibly imagine exists in the fields of the Dreaming. And there is a Dreamer, an essence that pulses everything through the Dreaming into the everyday reality we experience.

When we take ourselves into the world of plant medicines, the doors of our perception open, and we have more access to Dreaming.

DreamWeaving is a form of FieldWork that seeks to make explicit data in the field of the group that is working together. The field becomes more available, and we work to process material that arrives from the Dreaming. Our systems can release implicit material that we may have been carrying for ourselves and the collective.


Investment and 2023 Dates

The cost of each integration session is £25 per session.

26th Jan
2nd March
30th March
4th May
1st June
29th June

Further dates will be announced according to demand. 


Anyone over the age of 18 years old, who is currently in need of integrative support following a psychedelic experience may take part in these sessions. For those who believe they may benefit for one-to-one integration sessions, please take a look at my other therapeutic offerings on my therapy page and book a consultation.


Psychedelic integration is known to support the therapeutic effects of psychedelic journeys by providing individuals with an opportunity to address unprocessed experiences. Group integration sessions often brings a sense of clarity and wellbeing for many. Some also find that they are able to view their psychedelic experience in a new or deeper way with a greater sense of peace about some of the more challenging aspects of their journey.


Request a Consultation


Please use the contact form below to get in touch if you want to know more about Psychedelic Assisted Integration Psychotherapy. If you have questions about the Community Psychedelic Integration Sessions we invite you to join us on zoom and find out what it can mean for you. Please be aware that we endeavour to get back to you within 3 to 5 working days.

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