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Life is a wonderful thing. It has a way of presenting challenges to us that vary in intensity; over the years we may attempt to protect ourselves from life experiences and sometimes we need a little help to come out of the shadows and reach for our light.

Yoga therapy is based in relationship. It is a well-known phenomenon that relationships between client and therapist have the potential to encourage healing in the client that allows them to access the potential that is available to them at that time.

How does it work?

Yogic-ally inspired therapy works from the ground up to bring the client into an embodied place by utilizing contemplative practices based in ancient wisdom and contemporary science.

Working with The Yogologist offers a combination of: psycho-education around the workings of the physiological systems when we are under stress, mind and body practices drawn from different traditions and the combined intuitive processes of the client and therapist.

It has been noted by mind and body practitioners that yoga practices cultivate internal resilience and a sense of safety when they become ‘embodied’ which leads to a different way of seeing external problems. Thus, ‘In Session’, we work together to engender a sense of safely for the client that appears to occur as a by-product of the yogic process.

We make a home in the body so that you always have a place to go where you can be safe and appreciative of yourself as a marvelous combination of cohabiting cells that strive each day to give us this thing that we call body. From there, we discover how to control our physiology and relax or enliven the body at will. This leads to greater internal resilience. Thus, the brain and mind settle under our leadership and we are once again in the driving seat.


Yoga therapy sessions with Shaura are offered as:

Online sessions, via Skype or Zoom

Face-to-face sessions (only available every 6 weeks in London)



Investment for 10 hourly sessions is £700

Paid all together attracts a 10% discount

Paid in instalments:
£300 deposit
£200 at week 3
£200 at week 7

The cost for the longer 90 minute sessions is £1000

Paid all together attracts a 10% discount

Paid in instalments:
£400 deposit
£300 at week 3
£300 at week 7

We understand that therapy can be costly. If you are interested in this form of therapy but do not have the resources to pay these costs then please do still get in touch to see if we can find a solution.

What happens in a yoga therapy session?

You will meet with Shaura and set the tone for the session with a brief chat, through this we will decide on what practice best suits your needs on that day and come back together at the end to discuss how it went. A daily practice will be offered at that point and any information will be forwarded by email.

You will then be guided towards either: a daily meditation, breathing or physical practice.

Sessions are between 60-90 minutes long.

One of the primary aims of the therapy is to allow the client to come to: come to terms with the past, be comfortable in the present and trust in the future.

The process

The process

Working in relationship with the Yogologist requires a commitment of at least 10 weekly or fortnightly hourly sessions. After this time we reassess the situation and decide whether we will spend more time together and how. If we feel there is no need we complete with an ending process.

We come together for a contractual assessment session, we make a plan of where we would like to take the sessions and set down review times to allow us to keep track of our intentions.

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