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Yoga Therapy For Wellbeing

Fully Funded Eight Week Course Starts August 2023

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This Yoga Therapy for Wellbeing eight week course is for people who want to feel healthier and learn simple ways to help manage stress. The course is suitable for absolute beginners and those with some yoga experience. Shaura shares techniques evidenced by scientific studies to enhance physical well-being, and cultivate positive mood, which leads to more healthy behaviours.

It will teach participants how to use breath, movement and simple yoga poses to come into the present moment, which helps to organise thoughts and promotes body awareness, all of which reduces stress. It could also positively affect your flexibility, strength, and overall health. People that do this form of therapy often report changes in the way they feel immediately after one session and they experience better sleep.

What to expect

The courses will run from The Space in Eyam Hall Courtyard, where Shaura has been running yoga and other health events for some years. Each session lasts 90 minutes and is themed to share techniques to help you manage stress. As people who come together have individual needs, the sessions have an organic nature. Shaura will check in with you and find out how the group is feeling before starting the yoga practice; in that way, the session is delivered, especially for those who attend.

There are yoga mats and props at The Space  for your use.


Free for people in Derbyshire who are on low incomes

I am delighted to announce that my colleague Jennifer Smallwood and I have secured funding from Derbyshire Mind to run three lots of eight-week courses in Yoga Therapy for Wellbeing as part of our Integration Psychotherapy Services CIC offerings.

The course cost would ordinarily be £160 – we ask that interested parties who could pay the full amount contact us and we will look at putting it on at a different time. 


The Space Eyam Hall Courtyard, Hope Valley S32 2QW.

Dates starting August 2023

7th Aug to 25th Sep (Monday 6.30pm – 8pm)
29th Aug to 17th Oct (Tuesday 7pm – 8.30pm)

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