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Pilamaya Soma Workshops

Pilamaya means ‘thank you’ in the language of the Lakota First Nation American people. This word embodies the sense of gratitude and contentment brought into the gift of life via yoga and Earth-based traditions.

These four-hour Pilamaya Soma Workshop share stand-alone journeys that give the participant an embodied feel of the five modules that comprise the 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training.

We dive into the Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine/philosophy because we can connect to the body, mind, emotions and spirit in alignment with the Pilamaya Way.

Each of the workshops listed on this page explores one of the Elements through a diverse range of yoga, movement, Western and Eastern sciences, creative process, psychotherapeutic holding, integrative techniques, ritual and ceremony.


13th March 2-6pm


The Pioneer inside creates and generates the energy that is needed to discover new territory. In the current times, we are experiencing great upheaval, yet at the same time, there is raw potential in the air. The energy of spring is a potent time to sow seeds. This workshop will support the participant to have a profound experience of themselves as they AWAKEN THE INNER PIONEER.




19th March 6-10pm


The Wizard in all of us is a dynamic force that playfully creates reality; we can access magicians’ realm through our eternal selves. This workshop shares a journey through the realms of fire with our unique Embodied Kundalini. It will support the participant in connecting to the sacred element of Fire and REBIRTHING THE INNER WIZARD to manifest a reality in line with the heart’s desire.

Workshop Details

Shaura shares workshops with give insight into the Pilamaya vibration and its vision for facilitators in the modern world. This event will introduce participants to the Pilamaya Way of life and heart-based teaching. For those who are on the Pilamaya journey, the workshops are opened to support the process of becoming.

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