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The first Quadrant of the 300 hours Pilamaya Soma TT

This course is currently a 60-hour offering – online format

4-6th March + 14-17th April 2022

EMERGE invites the participant to consciously claim their highest potential through experiential processes that include re-birthing. The element that we embody is water, the meridians are the kidneys, the urinary tract and the bladder.

There are two somatic focuses; The Shakti Body invites the practitioner to recognise the sublimity of life that is contained within and moves through the body. The Emotive Body, shares how emotions and body work together to allow us to experience the dance of shakti.


Participants will learn to use some of the exercises from Kundalini Yoga and spontaneous movements that are particularly useful as warm-up practices, gentle sequences or chair yoga. They will also be curating and delivering Yoga Nidra practices for relaxation and transformation. The energy of this quadrant draws our attention to the stories that we hold about our births; we use methods that allow us to re-write ourselves into existence.  Becoming aware of our expressive lifeforce leads us to the subject of shadows; we explore our interactions with the parts of ourselves that are unseen or unclaimed.

In these times of great change, we are processing shadows that have been deeply buried in the collective for thousands of years, every integration counts towards the return to wholeness for humanity. Thus, we learn to listen to our bodies, with a willingness to process what arises from the depths of our beings. The integration work and learning will be valuable to yoga teachers and therapist alike.  These yogic techniques are powerful healing tools that engender fresh energy by nourishing systems that are have been overstimulated.


  • Somatic practices that journey through the unborn, new-born, and infant stages of life
  • Yoga Nidra to support the unborn and new-born consciousness
  • Embodied Kundalini Yoga asana and movements
  • The use of spontaneous movement to promote individuality, embodiment and grounding


  • Creative movement with sound and mantra
  • The use of sacred sounds from the Lakota First Nation people of the Americas, Sanskrit mantra and the Shabd Guru.

Integrative Sciences

  • Learning about conception to understand the magnificence of the human body
  • Exploring the collaborative nature of the body with basic cell biology and morphology
  • Discovering the cells of the nervous system
  • Going deeper into the nervous system, in particular, the peripheral nervous system
  • The spine as the central highway
  • Getting to know our connective tissue including the fascia
  • Looking at the energy bodies (pancha koshas) of yoga
  • Studying meridian theory and connecting it to embryology
  • Tracking the meridians of the kidney, urinary tract, and bladder

Therapeutic Skills

Creating a container to hold a class or session

  • Giving clear instructions
  • Authentic language skills
  • Introduction to the 4 stages of listening
  • Transference and countertransference
  • Explore dissociation
  • Shadow work and introduction to integration skills
  • Use of Yoga Nidra

Spirit of Pilamaya

  • Ethical code of Pilamaya
  • The Seven Sacred Values of the White Buffalo Calf Woman as a foundation for our ethical code
  • Yamas and niyamas as practical tools that support our ethics
  • Yogic diet and food prep to connect to what enters into our systems
  • Connecting to the energy of the sun
  • Constellation practice to integrate aspects of self
  • This course is currently a 60-hour offering
  • Online format
  • Two weekends (Friday evening to Sunday evening)
  • plus 6 * two-hour weekly sessions
  • Those who intend to do the 300hr training will be required to purchase David Keil’s Anatomy training course.
  • Investment is £625 (Deposit £200) 
Pay deposit or full payment..

“The course is an amazing blend of eastern philosophy and western science, consolidated by the practice of asana and meditation”.

Gail Stephens

Founder/Director, Dancing Warriors

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