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Transpersonal Yoga (TY) is a set of ideas and a way of holding space that supports practitioners to get closer to their true selves. It is a way of being that carries a prayer for humanity to reach our potential and live in harmony with the Earth. It is also a 200-hour teacher training program curated by Shaura to offer a multidimensional journey that supports people undergoing personal transformation and evolution.

The TY workshop series is intended to offer a monthly space for people called to sit inside this prayer for a while. Anyone can join us; there is no need to be familiar with TY, spirituality or anything else. Come if your heart feels called to be with an online group of people walking a path of discovery. Each event may contain embodied movement and yoga, meditation, breathwork, poetry, storytelling and much more.

The Offering

No two workshops are ever the same: each one is interwoven with seasonal energy and is designed to flow with what is emerging in the collective consciousness and the group that comes together. 

The container of each workshop is generally held by: 

  • Welcome, reading, poem or meditation to set the tone
  • A curated yoga and movement session 
  • Opening for group circle
  • Closing meditation

A TY event  is delivered through yogic, earth-based spiritual and psychological lenses; the teaching methodology directs people to firmly locate themselves in the somatic experience while opening up to the information that is relevant to them from the wider field.

Our 200-hour training is offered for those who wish to teach yoga or anyone who desires to rediscover themselves through an intentionally curated journey.

You can read more about the 200-hour training here.

Dates times and Fees

The online workshop cost £15 per person.

The dates for the rest of 2023 are below, tickets are direct through my Calendar or via Eventbrite click on either link to book in and get your Zoom invite details.

All workshops are at 6:30-8:30pm 

  1. 22nd September
  2. 2nd October
  3. 12th November
  4. 8th December

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