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Yoga Therapy and Somatic Movement for Addictions

The journey from addiction to recovery through wholeness presents many challenges. The road is often long and fraught with relapses, which often proliferate feelings of hopelessness in the person. It is becoming clear that the condition arises as a coping strategy for environmental stress: the person creates a strategy to dissociate from the present moment by dedicating themselves to a repetitive cycle of gaining, using, and recovering from a substance.
The condition is notoriously complex to treat; therefore, we clearly need to promote an integrative approach to healing. It is important to provide training that helps recovery workers—among them yoga teachers/therapists—to competently use tools that give rise to integration of the mind, body, and emotions.

This is where the delivery of yoga and somatic therapy comes in.

How long is this CPD course?

The current version of this course is offered in two * four day modules; providing 60 contact hours and 2 online sessions. A certificate of attendance will be given as a further-education training with a Yoga Alliance-approved trainer; CPD hours are 60.

Additional modules will be offered to those who wish to go deeper with their process.

What does is share?
This course has been designed to share scientific knowledge that gives rise to a special understanding of how human physiology works in health and in stress; the neurobiology of the reward pathways and how they can be supported to readapt to a different set point; yogic techniques from the Kundalini and Hatha traditions; somatic practices; and, most importantly, somatic facilitation skills that support integration.


How does it work?
This offering teaches methods for using yoga as a container that allows spontaneous somatic movement to arise. The practitioner then has a framework to hold participants as they make the journey back to the body and the internal world; connections are made, deep listening becomes possible, and the relationship with life is forever changed. We use meditation to harness the mind, which in turn supports the participants on the return home—to the heart.

Investment for this course is £800.

To hold your place we ask for a £250 deposit.

Details of our booking policies can be found here.

Dates and Venue
  • 18-21st June
  • 10-13th September

Venue: The Space, Eyam Courtyard at Eyam Hall 

When I sat on the mat I felt I was exactly where I wanted to be. The energy that was created was amazing.

It felt like a mystical gathering. I loved it and would definitely recommend it.


Adaptogenic Yoga student, 2016

Welcome to the path that leads home


  • Embodied Kundalini
  • Somatic movement
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Use of mantra

Philosophy and lifestyle

  • The Seven Sacred Values of the Lakota First Nation People

Therapeutic Skills

  • Transference and counter transference
  • Use of Invitational language
  • Embodiment of the space holder
  • Creating Safety

Integrative Sciences

  • The nervous system in brief
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neurogenesis
  • The dopamine pathway
  • Emotional algorithms
  • Understanding the benefits of Yoga Nidra

Regulating the system to promote safety


  • Seated and standing stretches from the Hatha tradition
  • Somatic movement
  • Breathing mediation
  • Walking meditations

Philosophy and lifestyle

  • The yamas as defined by Patanjali
  • The ten niyamas from classical Tantra
  • The 6 energy bodies of classical Tantra

Therapeutic Skills

  • Client resourcing
  • Developing presence as space holders
  • Supporting a facilitator

Integrative Sciences

  • The cardiopulmonary system
  • Regulating HRV through breath and movement
  • Understanding the benefits of breath mediation

Resilience and strength for confidence in the world


  • Standing postures from the kundalini and hatha tradition to promote strength and grounding
  • Somatic movement
  • Mantra and song for deeper practices

Philosophy and lifestyle

  • Use of ritual and ceremony to give meaning to life

Therapeutic Skills

  • Trauma-informed teaching
    Containing a session with a theme
    Use of mindfulness


Integrative sciences

  • The electromagnetic field of the heart
  • The bodymind for heart mind connection


Going with the flow of life


  • Embodied Yin Yoga
  • Embodied Yin and Kundalini fusions
  • Somatic movement
  • Meditations for stillness

Philosophy and lifestyle

  • Installing our awareness into the body

Therapeutic Skills

  • Creating and curating courses
  • Appropriate depth of work
  • Endings

Integrative Sciences

  • Connective tissue
“We believe in the inherent goodness of humans. We believe in the power of transformation, and we have comprehended the freedom that arises as a result of taking personal responsibility for our lives and our being. Pilamaya invites you to sit with us when you are ready for an experience of your true nature.”
Shaura Hall

Course Curator

Student Liability

Once admitted onto the course, each student is liable for the full training fee; there is no obligation on the part of Shaura Hall under the trading name of The Yogologist to refund monies if a student decides not to complete the training.

In the unfortunate event that a student becomes ill during the course, we will do our utmost to support the student to complete the course but we cannot refund any of the course fee.

Please exercise due diligence and digest the material above fully to decide whether this course is for you. If this course calls to you, then come with an open heart. 

Assessment Process

The group members will be continually assessed on the their progress and process as individual participants, as a group member, and as a soul on a learning journey on Earth.  Each member will be asked to complete self assesment forms and share practices with the group.  


Professional Certification

Upon completion students will receive a certificate of attendance and CPD hours from the Pilamaya training school that is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

It was a complete gift of an experience. Our group – with no shared history and very different needs – were gently, skilfully and lovingly guided through a process that provided every single person with what they needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the process or recommend it to others.


Fellow traveller and team member

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