Yoga Teacher Training |

Designed to encourage transformation and personal responsibility for students, training with The Yogologist offers an expansion of consciousness and awareness, as well as both personal and professional empowerment. Our unique and powerful training courses share tools that give rise to equanimity in this ever-changing world.

Pilamaya Yoga

Accredited by Yoga Alliance, the Pilamaya 220 hour teacher training aspires to help each student find their own voice in teaching yoga. We combine a spiritual approach to yoga with evidence-based science to offer yoga teacher training that is truly unique.

Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness for Addictions

This professional development course uses an integrative yogic-based approach to addictions to combine specialised yoga practice with mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques that will enable you to work from a complete mind-body perspective.

Kundalini Yogologie: Foundations of Kundalini Yoga

Dive into the depths of your being with this immersive Kundalini Yoga retreat in Portugal’s mystical eastern Algarve. Explore the world of Kundalini yoga, enjoy periods of quietness and opportunities for personal reflection and, upon completion, receive 60-hour CPD certification from Yoga Alliance UK.

Neurobiology, Mental Health and Meditation

This specialist training course has been designed to offer those working in therapeutic professions a revolutionary fusion of yogic practice and scientific study of the human being that intelligently bridges the gap between the spiritual and medical domains.

Reiki Soma

Discover the magic of Reiki Soma in this specialist collaborative training from The Yogologist and Amy’s Ashram. Infused with wisdom from the East and the West, this training illuminates how the mind and body influence each other and will teach you how to harness your own ‘somatic nectar’ for self-discovery and healing.

More Than Mindfulness

Utilising the science of breath in tandem with a mindful approach, the training offers development of the mind, awareness of the self and imparts invaluable clinical skills for those working in mind and body professions.

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