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Integration Therapy for Addictions

The journey from addiction to recovery through wholeness presents many challenges. The road is often long and fraught with relapses, which proliferate feelings of hopelessness in the person. It is becoming clear that the condition arises as a coping strategy for environmental stress: the person creates a strategy to dissociate from the present moment by dedicating themselves to a repetitive cycle of gaining, using, and recovering from a substance.

The condition is notoriously complex to treat; therefore, we clearly need to promote an integrative approach to healing. This course fuses  techniques from yoga therapy and psychotherapy that promote integration of mind, body and emotions. It offers a therapeutic framework that supports those who are seeking to find themselves through the process of addiction. It is open to all who are interested in a holistic understanding of themselves. 

Further Details

This is a 60-hour online CPD training course.

Investment is £800.

To hold your place we ask for a £250 deposit.

Details of our booking policies can be found here.

A certificate of attendance will be given as a further-education training with a Yoga Alliance-approved trainer.

More Information on the training

This course shares scientific knowledge of how human physiology works in health and stress. It looks at the neurobiology of the brain’s reward pathways, particularly how they adapt to substances or repetitive behaviours. Exploring how simple practices can support readaptation to a new way of being.

This offering teaches evidence-based methods that have been found to reduce stress and anxiety, support wellbeing and enhance quality of life (QOL). The participant learns to fit the practice for the person or group using techniques such as mindful movement, meditation, yogic relaxation (Yoga Nidra) or creative approaches. Leading people through journeys with these practices will help them harness the mind, which supports the participant to return home to the heart.

The facilitator has a framework to hold participants as they journey back to the body and the inner world; connections are made, deep listening becomes possible, and the relationship with life is forever changed.


Format and Venue


The journey takes 14 weeks to complete. We meet together for a two day weekend every four weeks, the learning is supported by eight * two hour sessions.  The timing for the shorter sessions is decided to suit the group.


Online or at The Space, Eyam Courtyard at Eyam Hall 

When I sat on the mat I felt I was exactly where I wanted to be. The energy that was created was amazing.

It felt like a mystical gathering. I loved it and would definitely recommend it.


Adaptogenic Yoga student, 2016

practice space

“The road out of addiction can be long and fraught with pitfalls. Yet, we can interrupt our patterns and find our way back to self authority.”

Shaura Hall

Course Curator

It was a complete gift of an experience. Our group – with no shared history and very different needs – were gently, skilfully and lovingly guided through a process that provided every single person with what they needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the process or recommend it to others.


Fellow traveller and team member

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