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We believe that making time for personal development is one of the most rewarding and important steps a person can take. Therapeutic work with Shaura involves mind and body process work that connects the individual to the field of everything and to their own innate wisdom.

Fields and Feels Medicine Circle Workshop

SHEFFIELD 6th December 2018

We invite you to explore the concept of medicine through a unique ceremonial lens that encompasses a special connection to the plant kingdom, deep inner work, fieldwork processing, delightful cellular nourishment and conscious dance.

This nine hour workshop opens a quadrant in space and time that allows for deep processing and leads towards a connection to the inner beauty that lives in all of our hearts.

This workshop includes a micro connection to entheogenic helpers and a special gift to take home.

Minded Yoga Therapy

Minded Yoga Therapy sessions with The Yogologist offer grounding into the body, regulation of the nervous system through body and breath and utilisation of specific body postures to encourage balance and developing the ‘observer mind’. We use evidenced based protocols with ancient wisdom to connect the mind and body networks and encourage inner stability.


Working responsibly in therapeutic and people-orientated professions often means that we need to be supported in some way or other.  Supervision with Shaura will empower you with practical mind and body tools that can be utilised to create physiological, emotional and mental balance.

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