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19th March 6-10 pm 


In the theory of the five elements system of TCM, the summer months reflect the fire energy; the sun spends the longest time in our sky.  The movement of the sun through the sky represents the relationship between earthly life and the heavens.  The plant life grows wildly under the auspicious light of our sun.

Fire is associated with The Wizard archetype, which inspires others, has faith in the manifesting force and realises dreams.  This charismatic force wishes to know life intimately; it is empathically connected to all that is.  Magnetic energy that manifests what the heart desires.

In the lifecycle, fire is linked to the early adult years, when we explore the pathways that we have opened up for ourselves.

The meridians that carry the fire energy around the body are the heart and the small intestine. The heart and its vessels continuously work to ensure the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to around 30 trillion cells. It also collects waste and processes to be expelled by the lungs or kidneys.  The small intestine transforms nutrient liquid into molecules that pass into the body and provide the building blocks for energy, repair and renewal.

On an energetic/psychological level, the heart is connected to love and otherworldly love.

In these current times, we are being invited to reconnect to our wise or Eternal Selves’.  Those amongst us have taken this journey and want to support the return to higher states of consciousness.  Shaura has formed Embodied Kundalini to share profoundly transformative practices that fuse techniques from mind, body and movement traditions.

The Journey

In this 4- hour workshop, we will:

  • Experience the energy of the wizard through yoga and movement
  • Explore the meridians of the heart and the small intestine through touch and sound.
  • Practice a Re-birthing Kriya from Kundalini Yoga
  • Connect to the eternal spirit that lives in the heart.
  • Use freewriting and expression to connect to the life we want to manifest consciously.
Cost and Venue

Investment: £40

Venue: online on zoom

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