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Shaura is a Multi Modal therapist with qualifications in Yoga Therapy (C-IYAT), Supervision and Neurosomatic Psychotherapy. Shaura is also an Interfaith Minister and regularly attends training courses on subjects that will enhance her capacity to work creatively. She has written and delivered Meditation and Yoga Teacher training for over ten years; she is the founder of The Pilamaya Centre and Course Director of the pioneering Diploma in Integration Psychotherapy. Her background has allowed her to support hundreds of clients and students who seek to find balance in today’s world.

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Shaura’s fee for one-on-one work is £70 per hourly session; please note that a psychotherapy hour is classed as 50 minutes, while Yoga Therapy and Supervision is for 60 minutes.

If you want to work with Shaura but are not in a position to meet her fees, please consider applying for therapy from one of her Integration Psychotherapy students. Integration Psychotherapy Services CIC (IPS) was founded by Shaura and colleague Jennifer Smallwood in 2022 to provide subsidised psychotherapy to the community, you can find out more information about therapy with IPS here.

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