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Psychedelic Assisted Integration Psychotherapy (PAIP)

We are currently in a paradigm shift where the nature of our consciousness is becoming a hot topic for many of us. We are also looking at how life in the modern world affects our mental health and how the pandemic has exacerbated the unease that many people live with. Psychedelic-assisted therapies are re-emerging from where they have been banned for many years, and we are finding that they are helping those who conventional medicine cannot seem to reach.

Shaura’s journey with plants began in 2004; her journey with them motivated her to accredit a level five diploma in Integration Psychotherapy to train people who want to work therapeutically in this field. She has recently released a Continual Professional Development (CPD) course in Psychedelic Assisted Integration Psychotherapy (PAIP). You can work directly with Shaura one-on-one as one of her Deep Work offerings or in a group with her and her team on retreat.

Retreat with us…..

Our expertise lies in a seamless blending of ceremonial and therapeutic approaches to form a frame that has been developed with integration in mind. A unique fusion of psychotherapy and spirituality holds the framework of psychedelic therapy, which we refer to as Psychedelic Assisted Integration Psychotherapy (PAIP).

Each event brings forth a new combination of techniques and psychotherapeutic processes unique to the group dynamic. The practices offered include yoga, movement, drumming, walking in nature, sound therapy, working with sacred songs and mantras,  creative artwork and relaxation sessions.


Upcoming Psilocybin PAIP retreat with the New Eden Retreat Centre

6-11th March 2023

Ayahuasca Therapy in Sacred Valley Peru April 2024

To be announced soon..

The events listed on this page are run in countries where the compounds we use are legal. However, we cannot guarantee that legislation will not shift. Suppose, for any reason, we are unable to offer PAIP due to legal reasons, we will provide an alternative structure that includes other compounds combined with deeply transformational practices from the yogic, tāntrik and shamanic traditions.

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