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Psilocybin Therapy Retreat | Netherlands

7-11th August 2024


We are conscious that the most prolific plant allies around the globe are what are commonly known as magic mushrooms. And though the species differ according to where they are found, most contain psilocybin as the active ingredient, which is an entheogenic substance that may lead to a so-called Peak Experience. It describes transcendent moments that include a sense of euphoria and unity, where the person experiences themself as something greater than the personal self or ego.

Further research supports the use of psilocybin to stimulate mystical experiences that lead to a positive shift in consciousness for conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD and addiction (McCorvey, Olsen and Roth, 2016, Carhart -Harris et al., 2016., Garcia-Romeu, Griffiths and Johnson.,2015). For this reason and more, myself and a dedicated team of Integration Psychotherapists have decided to offer a Psilocybin Therapy Retreat at the New Eden Retreat Centre in the Netherlands.

Cost and What is Included

The total cost is £1900 (flights/transportation not included).

We aim to keep the cost of these events as low as possible while working with small groups of up to ten people, providing a thoroughly beautiful venue, nourishing food, and PAIP psilocybin therapy.

This fee covers:

  • Preparatory online session
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Two psilocybin ceremonies
  • Daily Integration Psychotherapy on retreat
  • Optional movement, sound healing or yoga sessions
  • Three monthly online post-ceremony integration sessions

The work is held within the frame of Integration Pyschotherapy®, which incorporates a spiritual point of view. Our four-person team have a long history of working together. They all offer psychotherapy alongside their specialist interests in the community.

Further Information about the accommodation

The New Eden Retreat Centre, is a venue nestled in the beautiful woodlands just an hour and a half north of Amsterdam… On their site, they have one huge building and a small house, both of their buildings are special. We hold our retreats in the small house that sleeps eighteen people. We are a team of four and we will work with ten people. 

The accommodation is shared bedrooms; we plan to use two twin rooms and two triple rooms. We can also make one bedroom into a double if a couple wants to join. The three toilets, showers and one bathtub are shared. 

The facilities also include: 

meeting room equipped with speakers
spacious living room with dining area and fireplace
cinema room
open library with sofa
WiFi internet
garden with fire pit

The house is spacious and really comfortable to spend time in. The surrounding areas are just lovely to walk around. Our hosts are supportive of this work and helpful if we need them.


The psilocybin ceremonies with us have a profound spiritual aspect and a solid therapeutic container, including a thorough intake procedure. In some cases, we may require participants to undertake an additional course of Integration Psychotherapy to ensure their systems are well-prepared for the shift.

Certain medications are contra-indicated for this work. We ask people always to consult their GP or Psychiatrist before signing up for a retreat.

We will supply dietary advice for the run-up to the event in the retreat handbook.

The flow of the retreat

Day one: Arrival and welcome

Day two: Prepare and intake the first dose of psilocybin

Day three: Integration day 

Day four: Prepare for the second intake of psilocybin 

Day five: Integrate the whole retreat and leave

Each group is different and the flow of the retreat becomes more clear when the group begins to gather.  The schedule, is provided in the retreat handbook and also written daily on a whiteboard.  We have a large range of practices that we can share with the group to help integrate the experiences and make it a journey to remember.

Our leading facilitator is Shaura Hall, Neurosomatic Psychotherapist (NCIP) and the founder of The Pilamaya Centre. As the Course Director of Integration Psychotherapy, she is pioneering a fresh approach to psychotherapy; Shaura is an ordained Interfaith Minister (ROSIM) and has been part of a ceremonial community since 2004. Her journey with the First Nations People of North America influences all her work, from the scientific to the sacred; she regularly returns to Oregon to pray with and learn from the people and practices carried in her heart.

She was drawn to undertake specific training in Ayahuasca Therapy in 2018 and has worked in Europe with groups since then. She received a positive response from the mushrooms’ spirit and began to work therapeutically with Psilocybin.

Shaura’s journey with the plants motivated her to bring forth Integration Psychotherapy, as she saw the need for therapists to work competently with the multidimensional nature of the human being. Her latest contribution to this field is to curate and offer an accredited certificate program in Psychedelic Assisted Integration Psychotherapy (PAIP)

Jennifer Smallwood is a BACP Senior Accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist, Integrative Therapist and Clinical Supervisor. Jennifer is also an EMDR UK & Europe registered and accredited EMDR Consultant with a successful private practice based in Sheffield. She holds a BA Honours Degree in Pure Philosophy, a master’s degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy and vocational training in Meditation as Facilitation for Mental Health which uses alongside her EMDR and Gestalt practices to further her trauma work in private practice.

Jennifer has worked in private practice for the past 19 years as well as volunteering for The Samaritans, working for the NHS in Derby City Centre PCT, and eight years working for FREED BEECHES Eating Disorder charity in Nottinghamshire as Senior Psychotherapist and Deputy Clinical Manager. Before her retraining in Psychotherapy, Jennifer worked as a Business Consultant helping businesses improve the efficacy of their Systems and Processes. She is a guest speaker at SPACE Academy and also delivers workshops locally in Trauma.

Muna is a 2016 graduate of the Pilamaya Centre, a member of the Transpersonal Yoga faculty, Integration Psychotherapist and an independent entrepreneur with a background in Human Communications (BSc). She has a passion for education, community, self- expression and living in a harmonious and meaningful way. In addition to Transpersonal and Hatha yoga, Muna is certified to teach hot yoga, embodied yin, and yoga for stress and burnout. She is also a sacred sound practitioner and uses sound and vibration to nourish the nervous system and to communicate with and therapeutically support the body’s energetic structures.

Muna’s work creates a container that supports listening to the body’s intelligence and the use of feedback to engage in self-care, deep learning, as well as cultivating trust in the process and instilling the courage to do the work.

Emma is a 2021 graduate of Transpersonal Yoga, a 2022 graduate of Mediation for Facilitation and is currently working towards a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy. She is also working towards her qualification as an Integration Psychotherapist with the Pilamaya Centre due to graduate in 2023.
With a background in social policy and criminology, Emma works as a leader in the charity sector, striving to transform the experiences of victims of crime. Emma is passionate about creating experiences for everyone that are accessible and grounded. She believes that everyone has the right to a life full of endless potential.

Finally ….

The cost and details of the retreat are all on the page above; please take the time to read it before you make contact. Use the form below if you are interested and have questions about whether the event is suitable for you at this time. 

Please use the Register button below if you are happy to proceed with the booking. You must disclose as much as you can about your mental health on the registration form.

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The events listed on this page are run in countries where the compounds we use are legal. However, we cannot guarantee that legislation will not shift. Suppose, for any reason, we are unable to offer PAIP due to legal reasons, we will provide an alternative structure that includes other compounds combined with deeply transformational practices from the yogic, tāntrik and shamanic traditions.

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