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Therapeutic Plant Medicine Circles

Drawing on 16 years of ceremonial  practice, self development and therapeutic mind and bodywork both myself and the plant allies are offering safe spaces for people to commune with the teachers of Earth. In this sacred ceremony the whole journey is supported by a deep connection to Spirit and a robust set of therapeutic mind and body skills. 

The days find ourselves in require us to stand by what we believe in for the sake of human evolution. Therefore, medicine ceremonies will be offered in small groups for those who are called to sit with themselves in this way. We come together with the understanding that what we process for our individual selves affects the collective. It is time…
Why meet with the spirits of Earth?

If she calls to you, then you will know. After this you will find the right people to sit with for whatever experience you need at the time. The teachers from the Earth break down walls and open the doorways for deep insight into personal lives and what is needed for the collective. Sharing knowledge of other planets; races; what has been before; and, sometimes, what is likely to happen. She generous in her offerings. Sometimes she takes us through the aspects of ourselves that limit our progress towards our potential. If we have the courage to sit with her, she will show us exactly how to move forwards. Concerned with consciousness, she brings us closer to our true nature.

The spirit of the Mother welcomes adventurers that seek wisdom. Her frequency is aligned with our hearts and she wishes to show us the way back to them.

Dates + Location


Wherever we are called to be

Contact me for more details.


Investment varies from place to place.

What is Field Work processing?

In the daily sessions, we work to uncover what has been shown during the night and invite people to re-connect to their consciousness through a particular kind of mind and body processing that we call Field Work. This processing draws upon a broad range of therapeutic skills and seeks to shed light upon the communication that arises from the subconscious mind; our interaction with the hidden parts of the person has the potential to elicit deep healing. We could say that the plant connect people to the Field that surrounds us in order for them to become awake in the dream of life. The daily sessions deepen this awareness and encourage people to access this wisdom during everyday consciousness. 

Life is the Medicine

Our groups work together to ensure the space is clean and clear for the inner housekeeping that happens with our communication with the medicine. If we are on retreat, please come prepared to take care of your space and contribute to the making of food and clearing of dishes.

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