Yoga Teacher Training |

Movement and Soundbath

What to Expect Out Of The Session

The movement aspect of the session incorporates yoga and spontaneous movement, which prepares the body and mind to be bathed in different sounds for up to an hour.

Shaura collects instruments such as drums and rattles from places with deep spiritual significance for her. Her Alchemy crystal bowls and gong are carefully selected to bring healing to the body, mind and spiritual centres. She also uses her voice as a channel of healing.

The Effects

The different sounds take the listener on a journey that interrupts the cognitive process, allowing the system to rest in deeper states of awareness. The brain waves are said to shift into Alpha and Theta waves. The brain slows into Alpha when we are daydreaming, in light meditation or relaxing deeply. Theta waves are when we are in deep meditation, REM dreaming, or a hypnogogic state.

The electrical activity in the brain affects the nervous system, which givens heart rate. The heart slows when the mind does, and the system can enter into a state known as the Relaxation Response, where cellular healing can occur.


Eat light foods on the day and fast for 2 hours before arriving if possible. 


£25 per person

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