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Mentoring for Yoga Teachers and Space Holders

As teachers, we are responsive to what the collective is asking for, and our teaching also evolves as we do. We are supporting our groups in a time of rapid change and massive amounts of emotional upheaval. It’s no surprise that many of us are being asked to hold spaces with greater depth and, therefore, more potential for our students to go through transformative processes.

Our world is shifting, and we are with it.

The Journey to Consciousness

The journey to recognising ourselves in what yoga calls our true nature takes us into the transpersonal field that we travel through to reach Unity consciousness.   Many are the pathways to Unity; body and mind practices in yoga aid the journey. And when we connect to the roots of yoga, we find that it has much in common with the earth-based traditions of the indigenous peoples. This means that ceremony and ritual are also methods that have been used to make contact with the ‘higher’ forms of consciousness.

The Return of the Elders

Elsewhere in the world, many indigenous people who have removed themselves from mainstream humanity are returning, and they are all carrying the same message. They are coming to share their wisdom, many of the old ways are resurfacing, and we are responding by becoming interested in learning about ceremony and prayer.

As teachers and community gatherers, we have opportunities to help people have more profound experiences. We can curate experiences for people to dive into the innate wisdom that they hold inside. Sometimes, we need a little guidance from people who have walked the path.

Mentoring with Shaura

Mentoring workshops with Shaura are for those who wish to deepen their practice and teaching. Each workshop will be themed, the practices will support the theme of the day, and we will explore how it was curated. They are open to all teachers, especially those who want to explore taking teaching from the personal to the transpersonal and beyond. There will also be workshops around creating safe spaces, working with appropriate boundaries, working with stress and anxiety in self and others.

Shaura's Background

Shaura Hall has been teaching yoga for 15 years. She is also a Yoga Therapist (C-IYAT), Interfaith Minister (OSIF), Therapeutic Supervisor and is training to become a Neuro Somatic Psychotherapist (NICP). She is also the course director of Transpersonal Yoga 300hrs, Meditation and Facilitation for Mental Health 100hrs, Yoga Therapy for Addictions and other CPD courses. Shaura has been attending ceremony with the Lakota First Nation People in Oregon since 2004. Her Yogic and ceremonial way of life firmly sets her therapeutic work in the transpersonal field.

Introductory Online Workshop

To include

  • 1*  2 hour Transpersonal Yoga practice
  • Plenary Discussion
  • Lunch 1-2pm
  • Explore how to build altars for deeper workshops and create a short fire ritual.

Saturday 16th July 2022 

Participants will receive a certificate with 6 CPD hours upon completion of the course.

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