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Our retreats offer participants the opportunity to connect to themselves through a multitude of differing experiences that include mind, body and conscious work, connection to the elemental forces and our plant allies. Each event has a framework and yet stands alone as a uniquely organic group process. The allies that we use also differ according to the need, solar or lunar cycles and expert facilitators who visit to support this work. Please read each description carefully to ensure that you arrive at the event that is right for you.

2-night therapeutic retreats  

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Our two night offering will be held around the UK through the summer months. Join us to connect to the consciousness of Albion (Great Britain) and connect to the ancient wisdom that can be found inside of our hearts. Our medicine circles open spaces that support the Human Awakening Programme.

4-night therapeutic retreat  

16-20th October 2019 SPACES

Join us for ceremony as we connect to the wisdom that has been passed through ancient practices and open to the information that the plant kingdom wishes to share with us. Come with us as we work towards the next level of consciousness that is available for the human race. 

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