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The root of the word medicine in Latin is to heal; in a broader sense, it could easily be equated to wholeness, to become whole. I have run retreats in the UK, Europe and Africa for over ten years. Every event is intentionally curated to offer journeys that promote healing and personal evolution.

Whether it be a lifetime trip to sacred sites, the chance to explore beautiful lands, intensive yoga and meditation retreats or spaces created to support therapists specifically, participants leave the retreat differently from how they arrive.

There are also opportunities to change lives with psychedelic-assisted integration psychotherapy (PAIP). These events are held outside the UK and are supported by a robust team of professionals who are committed to serving this work and the people who need something different from what is commonly available.

Retreats are always well thought out, thoroughly researched and made for a particular purpose. They sometimes arrive on the page when we are fine-tuning the details, and you are invited to register your interest. Application forms can be found when all details have been published.

Research to support the efficacy of Psilocybin for treatment-resistant conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction is overwhelmingly high. With years of experience in therapeutic and ceremonial traditions, I am opening spaces for people to come and sit in safety and heal.

Join me on a lifetime visit to the Sacred Valley in Peru. In these retreats, we will connect to the spirit of the land with walking, yoga, dance, ceremony and prayer. My therapeutic team and I will also offer a 5-day experience with Ayahuasca Therapy. People are free to join with or without taking Ayahuasca.

Visit The Pilamaya Centre for Integration Psychotherapy to find out more about our Transpersonal Yoga Teacher Training or Diploma in Integration Psychotherapy. 

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