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Margaret’s journey

I felt honoured, energised, privileged, and humble to have had the opportunity to get into this Pilamaya process. With Shaura’s support and guidance throughout this process, it made the whole programme a phenomenal experience and I have also made some lifetime friends along the way. The Pilamaya process explores eight forms of yoga, and this has enabled me to develop my own style, series/flows, and poses. I feel enriched and confident with my Pilamaya knowledge, the book reading list, the ongoing coaching, yoga practice, meditation, and online meetings with Shaura and her support team. Her team was just fabulous, assisting me personally to recognise and acknowledge my own progression. I still cannot believe that I am now sharing my Pilamaya journey with others through yoga practice, as this was never my intention. I had begun the journey for myself to cleanse my mind and body and to find myself, as I felt I had lost myself.

I have now completed my training and teach a varied range of Pilamaya yoga, one to one, groups, some with wheelchair-bound students, several other classes with people experiencing various health conditions, and some with sportspeople.  I am finding my teachings rewarding, inspirational, and invigorating.

Pilamaya means ‘thank you’ in the Native American language of the Lakota people and I cannot thank enough the Pilamaya people, especially Shaura for her teachings, encouragement, and support during my journey on this Pilamaya training programme.

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