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 Integration Therapy

Humanity is currently undergoing a massive shift in consciousness and we can feel it in our nervous systems. Some of us have experienced traumatic events in life and many of us have undergone processes that have brought reconciliation to ourselves, others and life itself. These bodies that we have are make of elements that existed at the beginning of time; timeless wisdom lives inside of us.
Therapy with Shaura draws upon a vast pool of movement, mediation and conscious practices that allow each person to meet themselves exactly where they are at. Through the process of the therapeutic relationship, the dance of healing allows the inner wisdom to guide the person into alignment with their true nature. The invitation therefore, is to enter into the present moment via the body.
How does it work?
Integration therapy works to bring the client into an embodied place by utilising contemplative practices based in ancient wisdom and contemporary science. Sessions with Shaura offer a combination of:

  • Psycho-education around the workings of the physiological systems when we are under stress,
  • mind and body practices drawn from different traditions,
  • intuitive processes of the consciousness in the relationship.

The techniques begin by drawing the awareness into the body to allow the client to re-connect to their innate wisdom. From there, it is easier to perceive how our physiology works to relax or enliven the body according to the perceived needs of the organism. As we gather regulatory skills we have more choice in how we react to the ever-changing environment, which leads to greater internal resilience. This opens the doorway for our connection to consciousness to deepen and life flows more freely through us.

Rates £60 per hour or £80 for a 90 minute session. Additional charges will apply if travel to a venue is needed.
Therapeutic sessions with Shaura are currently offered:

Online sessions, via Skype or Zoom

Available soon at – The Space Eyam Hall Courtyard, Hope Valley S32 2QW


What happens in a therapeutic session?
You will meet with Shaura and connect to what is arising within you that wishes to be worked with in that moment. Each process is unique  and can be worked through by dialogue, breathing, meditation or movement.

One of the primary aims of therapy with Shaura is to encourage the other to trust in the process of life however painful it might have been at some points. When trust arises in the space of the heart, our eyes become adjusted to the beauty of the natural world and our feeling of separateness dissipate. When we truly comprehend that we are connected to this planet, to each other and to the oneness of life then our suffering diminishes exponentially. The process of re-integration aligns us with our true nature and thus is worth every moment of our effort.

The process
Working in relationship with Shaura requires a commitment to the evolution of the Self.  Those who will benefit mostly from this work are people who wish to learn how regulate their nervous systems or dive deeper into their consciousness and on the path back to wholeness.
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