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We believe that making time for personal development is one of the most rewarding and important steps a person can take.
To give you the opportunity and guidance to start this process, The Yogologist has developed specialised In Session therapy, workshops, and retreats, and is building a community to support each other on this journey.

Minded Yoga Therapy

Minded Yoga Therapy sessions with The Yogologist offer grounding into the body, regulation of the nervous system through body and breath and utilisation of specific body postures to encourage balance and developing the ‘observer mind’. We use evidenced based protocols with ancient wisdom to connect the mind and body networks and encourage inner stability.


Working responsibly in therapeutic and people-orientated professions often means that we need to be supported in some way or other. Supervision provides a safe space and period of time where the supervisor is fully present and absorbed in the life’s work of the supervisee. Supervision with The Yogologist will empower you with practical mind and body tools that can be utilised to create physiological, emotional and mental balance.

In Session Retreat

In Session retreats are an opportunity to rest, repair and restore under the guidance of The Yogologist. The retreat offers a harmonious combination of Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra and invigorating walks.

A detailed itinerary will be available soon.

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