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Gail’s journey

by Gail Stephens, Pilamaya graduate 2016, Founder/Director of Dancing Warriors


I am now a yoga teacher – and yoga entrepreneur! This training enabled and empowered me to understand that this profession was there for me, and that I was there for this profession – a mighty leap.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Pilamaya Yoga Teacher Training to anyone who is ready to become a yoga teacher, rather than someone who teaches yoga. The training is suitable for anyone who is serious in their intent and is ready to embrace fundamental and lasting change in their lives.

I have practiced yoga on and off for over 20 years. I rekindled my love affair with yoga in 2014, and that is when I met Shaura Hall, in a minded yoga class in Sheffield. What a meeting! I started studying with Shaura, both in her classes, but also completing her Mindfulness and Clinical Skills for Practitioners CPD.

Although I was already an accredited yoga teacher, when I found out about the Pilamaya Teacher Training, for me it was a complete no brainer – of course I was going to deepen and broaden my knowledge and understanding of yoga by going on this journey to complete this training with my amazing teacher.



The learning was very deep and intense, and from the outset the expectation of commitment from students was very clear. There was so much knowledge that was imparted to us. The course is an amazing blend of eastern philosophy and western science; consolidated by the practice of asana and meditation.

I was very fortunate to be part of a very special cohort of students, and we developed a deep bond which nurtured and supported all of us throughout the training.

Although the experience of learning was at times challenging, the space of learning was always safe, always nurturing, always supported and supportive and always empowering. Shaura is a wonderful and generous teacher.

There were times when I struggled personally with some of the training, but that was fine – I was very gently yet firmly guided through my wobbly moments, whilst being reminded that this was all part of the training.



My personal stand out moment was spending a weekend learning about and practicing Yin yoga. I learnt so much from this experience, and I know that this practice will always be there for me.

This training, and importantly Shaura’s tutelage, has had a fundamental and lasting impact on me and my personal practice – I am so grateful to have been part of this first cohort of Shaura’s students.

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