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Medicine Circle: Fields and Feels Workshop

Dates to be announced  
People all over the world come together and share practices that are considered to be medicinal in nature; they may involve entheogenic substances or rituals that generate healing for the individual and the group which in turn effects the ancestors.
We invite you to explore the concept of medicine through a unique ceremonial lens that encompasses a special connection to the plant kingdom, deep inner work, fieldwork processing, delightful cellular nourishment and conscious dance.
Why take this workshop?
This work bridges the worlds of mind and body therapy with conscious awareness. At the same time it invites us to gently connect to the plant kingdom and allows us to experience ourselves as beings that feel in ever changing fields.
How does it work?
This 9-hour event will guide participants through unique sets of practices that begin with entheogenic yin yoga and trance journeying, to open a portal for a deep connection to self. As presence arises in the group it calls to consciousness and our process deepens. In this space our inner wisdom and ancestors hear our song – we come face to face with our own Elder.

Cellular nourishment at lunchtime is a gentle affair and we contain our presence as we eat in quietness.

The afternoon sees a shift as we become aware of ourselves as an aspect of the moving fractal that is created by the group dynamic. Our Fieldwork processing moves anything that is ready to be transformed for the group and its members. Each Fieldwork session is alive as a creative force that is self-reflecting upon itself to become conscious. As participants we become more aware of ourselves as a unique energy field that is connected to the wider universal energy.

The group will signal when the work has been done and the session will be closed.

The energy evolves once again into something brand new; lightness drifts into the group and we prepare to celebrate the contact we made with our Elder.

By consciously connecting to the creative universe we can connect to the flow of life as it moves through us. We prepare to have fun. Another initiation is offered as we ingest a beautiful herbal concoction that brings a soft and euphoric glow to the mind and body. Conscious dancing to music that lifts the heart bringing a state of wonder – we dance with the multicoloured field of consciousness until the time comes to close the workshop.

Location and Dates
Dates to be announced
£100 Investment per person includes: ancestral (entheogenic) medicines, herbal concoctions, vegan food, special gift, therapeutic work,  yoga and conscious dance experiences.

Details of our booking policies can be found here.

When I sat on the mat I felt I was exactly where I wanted to be. The energy that was created was amazing.

It felt like a mystical gathering. I loved it and would definitely recommend it.


Shaura’s background in Earth-based traditions reaches back for 14 years and her work in the world keeps her connected to the elements and the conscious unfolding of life.

Muna’s connection the ancestors of Africa and Europe allows her to tap into a long lineage of tribal ceremonies and wisdom. As a Pilamaya yoga graduate and faculty member she holds the frequency that the process invites us to accept.

Both women believe that the medicine is to be found in life itself. They work joyfully to illuminate the layers of illusion that shroud the human being and disconnect us from existence.

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