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Energy Healing Practitioners Course

Includes Reiki Seichem level one and two together with more recent downloads of healing energy that is specifically useful for evolving humans at this time on Earth.

I am excited to share with you a unique training program that marries the wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions to present an eight day training course that takes the student from self heal to competent practitioner.

Uniquely, this training is offered as an organic process, meaning no two courses are the same but all move the group in the direction of self-discovery, awareness and healing. We connect to the consciousness of the evolving Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe.
What is Earth-based Healing?

This energy healing course shares practices from the Eastern and Western Healing traditions that Shaura has been learning since 2006. There are two attunements to Reiki Seichem which is an evolution of the original Reiki.  This variation channels the energy of the four elements. 

When we consider that our Western sciences have sought to uncover the inner workings of the bodily systems and have acknowledged that healthy or dis-eased states of being appear to have psychobiological components. Therefore, the suggestion that our response to our environments has a great impact upon our mind and our bodies appears to have been evidenced by our researchers. 

Our health and physical wealth reflects our connection to each other and to the Earth that sings us into existence. With this training you will not only learn how to channel healing energy, you will comprehend you place in the web of life and you will be see yourself as creation in action. As the sense of completeness enters into you, your very presence radiates healing light that helps to fuel the awakening of this Earth.

Online and In-person

There will be an opportunity to study this course part online and part in person at The Space, Eyam Hall Courtyard.  Dates will be announced in 2022. 


The Investment for this course is £800 the price includes:

  • Tuition over the four weekends,
  • 5 attunements,
  • any written material,
  • Reiki First and Second Degree Certificates Accredited by (RASA) Reiki and Seichem Association
  • and one Earth-based Healing Practitioners course Certificate.

Once admitted onto a course the student is liable for the full fee regardless of whether or not they complete the programme. We request a 50% deposit at the time of booking and a payment plan can be made thereafter. In certain cases alternative payment plans can be arranged.


The Reiki Soma training was an indescribable experience and unique learning curve.

It has literally changed my life. I am now ready to continue on this new journey.


Reiki Soma graduate November 2016


The facilitator

Shaura shares skills and information gained by over 15 years of working with Reiki energy, deep ceremonial practice with the Lakota traditions, medicine, therapeutic application, and a competent understanding of the biological sciences.

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