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Over the years, I have undergone processes that have led to the release of historical trauma and created space for profound healing processes. Some of the most transformational journeys have happened when I have spent an extended period in one process. My commitment to uncovering the parts of myself that have created my defence system has opened the way for me to contact what I would call my true self. This work has constantly pushed me forwards in ways I could never have imagined.

I have worked therapeutically with people on weekend workshops, intensive retreats, teaching training programmes and plant medicine journeys for over thirteen years. It has been a privilege to hold events where people can come for self-healing. More recently, I have been called to open spaces for people to come and do Deep Work Intensive Therapy with me either one-on-one or in small groups; it is a private therapy space held from a place of profound consciousness.


Some examples of what this process supports is as follows:  recovery from some mental health conditions and addiction problems, stuck in a loop, unprocessed trauma, relationship difficulties, sadness and grief work, desire to experience expanded states of consciousness, wish to connect to a spiritual way of being. 

As we dive into an exploration of the different dimensions of Self and work with what naturally arises.  Deep Work can help the individual expand their understanding of self, take what been learned in life and integrate the wisdom into the present moment.

This process will undoubtedly lead to a new version of self.

The Container

Our work is held by a vast range of embodied practices, including sound therapy, yoga and meditation, free movement, psychotherapy, and whatever I can competently deliver to support the process.

After we have met for a 20 minute consultation and decided to go ahead with the work, the next step is an online meeting for 50-minute session to help you prepare for the experience. We will meet at the venue, where you will have time to settle and get comfortable.

The Deep Work lasts 4-6 hours per session. Once out of the depths, you can integrate the learning within a psychotherapeutic container. There are three more 50-minute sessions included in the package. The experience stands alone, but there is also room for a longer therapeutic process to arise. If we agree to continue the work, you will be offered additional integration sessions. 

Integration Psychotherapy works with the many dimensions of self and will be available to suitable candidates who have experienced Deep Work.


The Deep Work experience asks you to commit to yourself on many levels. That being so, I have a sliding scale between £1000-£2000 per person for the work and ask you to pay what you can afford. It includes four * 50-minute Integration Psychotherapy sessions, one before the event and three afterwards. The Deep Work timeframe is limited to six hours per session.

Each package is specific to the person and what you wish to experience. The cost of travel and accommodation also needs to be factored into any work that needs to be abroad for the sake of legislation.



Some of the work can be held in my location at The Space Eyam Hall Courtyard, Hope Valley S32 2QW.  

In many cases the venue is outside of the UK.  This can discussed during your initial consultation. 


Clients are required to disclose their physical and mental health history as well as their current recovery status and any previous drug use. All clients are required to complete and sign documentation to confirm that they understand intensive therapy is not for everyone and that certain forms of mental health distress, drug use, or a family history of psychosis may be pose significant risks.

As a client, you are responsible for disclosing the information for your suitability to be adequately assessed. You will therefore be asked to sign a disclaimer certifying that you understand you are ultimately responsible for l your own health and safety to a reasonable extent throughout your therapeutic journey.

If you are concerned about your suitability for Deep Work at this time, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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