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 Peru Retreat With Optional Ayahuasca Therapy

25th April- 2nd May 2024

I am excited to offer a transformative seven-night retreat in Peru’s Sacred Valley. The area has a profound geographical history that is most famous as being the centre of the Inca empire, established as far back as the 11th century. We journey to these blessed lands to explore the mountains, connect to local traditions and engage in Deep Work therapies, either with or without using the sacred medicine ayahuasca, which has been used for spiritual purposes and healing in the tribes for several hundred years.

Friends living in the valley will support the event and arrange excursions in the mountains and to local Inca settlements and ceremonies with local Q’ero shamans. A clinical team of therapists will also travel from the UK to support those who wish to work with ayahuasca. All team members have been walking on a path of personal evolution for many years and are either part of my training team or have trained with me as an Integration Psychotherapist.

The Intention of the Retreat

The Sacred Valley is one of the places on Earth where one can connect to the majesty of the mountains and feel the energy of a world with stories to tell beyond what we can even imagine. The sight of gushing rivers that rush through the valley and the sounds of their songs will surely leave you in awe! One can feel the mystery of the ancient peoples and the cosmologies they have left behind whispering in the wind. If one climbs high enough, the rolling clouds that creep up the side of the mountains create a feeling of lofty vastness that is hard to describe. Life is never the same again after a visit to the valley. And we want to share it with a group in 2024.

This journey of a lifetime that we are taking to this land brings us into close contact with the magic and deep power held here. We are curating a program of transformational events that will open energetic portals for participants to pass through and become the version of self that awaits. We will use movement, including an eclectic mix of yoga, meditation, sound therapy, ritual and ceremony, trips out into the land and traditions shared by authentic people who are Indigenous to this land.

We are travelling here to work with a training group with ayahuasca and have decided also to offer a retreat while we are there. Working in this land has a mighty effect, and it is also one of the places where we can legally share the sacred remedy ayahuasca. Therefore, the event allows people to come on an unforgettable journey with us without taking medicines. We will also hold two nights of ayahuasca ceremony for those who wish to work with the plant in a sacred way while being held within a therapeutic container.

All team members are qualified to teach Transpersonal Yoga, practise as Integration Psychotherapists, or hold a specific professional standing in the healthcare community and have been on extended plant medicine journeys with Shaura.

Working with Ayahuasca

It is advisable for a person to really know why they want to take ayahuasca. If you are thinking about it, we want you to be sure that you want to take that route before you sign up. The retreat will be a profound experience regardless of medicine ceremonies.  If you are sure you want to drink ayahuasca your Spirit will prepare to come and sit. You may be spending more time reflecting, and getting to know your intentions for undergoing this form of therapy. 

The ayahuasca ceremony with us has a profound spiritual aspect and a solid therapeutic container, including a thorough intake procedure. In some cases, we may require participants to undertake an additional course of Integration Psychotherapy to ensure their systems are well-prepared for the shift. In all cases we supply one session of in-person Integration Psychotherapy for each ceremony and three online monthly sessions after the retreat has ended. 

We will supply dietary advice for the run-up to the event in the welcome pack.

Dates and Location

25th April – 2nd May 2024 at a wonderful venue in  Querocacha Urubamba in the Sacred Valley.  More details about the venue to follow.


There are two options for this retreat. 

Option one: Retreat with us without partaking in the therapeutic ayahuasca ceremonies. 

Option two: Retreat with us and partake in two nights of ayahuasca ceremonies, receive integration psychotherapy support in Peru and for three months online after the event. 

Option one: cost £750.00

Option two: £750 + £595 = £1345

We are aware it is a significant investment and will arrange payments plans if need be.

Leading Facilitator

Our leading facilitator is Shaura Hall, who is not only the founder of the Pilamaya Centre for Integration Psychotherapy (PCIP) but is pioneering a fresh approach to psychotherapy. She is the Course Director of Integration Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Yoga and an Interfaith Minister. You can read more about how Shaura’s journey with the First Nation People of North America influences her work, with plant medicines in the about section of her newly accredited Continuing Professional Development course in Psychedelic Assisted Integration Psychotherapy (PAIP).

Shaura has been part of a Lakota ceremonial community since 2004; she regularly returns to Oregon to pray and learn with the people in her heart. She was drawn to undertake specific training in Ayahuasca Therapy in 2018 and has worked in Europe with groups since then. Shaura’s journey with the plants motivated her to bring forth the diploma in Integration Psychotherapy, as she saw the need for therapists to work competently with the multidimensional nature of the human being.

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