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13th March 2-6 pm 


In the theory of the five elements system of TCM, the winter months reflect the water energy; the Earth visions what she will express in the coming year. As the season changes from winter to spring, so does the form that holds the process. The energy of wood takes over, and the land begins to awaken once again.


Wood is associated with The Pioneer archetype, which is the aspect of us that reaches for new experiences and explores fresh possibilities. The pioneering force helps the dormant seed to put down tiny roots in the underground, and push its shoot upwards towards the sun’s light. The intelligence seeks to experience itself in relation to the five great elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and ether.


In the lifecycle, wood is linked to the teenage years when our pioneering spirit is necessary to individualise and begin seeking the paths that we will take in this lifetime.


The meridians that carry the wood energy around the body are this liver and the gallbladder. The liver is the busiest organ we have; it has 100’s of jobs, and acts as a protector of the heart and therefore the whole body. The gallbladder stores the liver’s bile to assist with the breakdown fats we need for energy and to uphold cellular integrity.


On an energetic/psychological level, the liver is said to be linked to the emotion of anger, and the gallbladder steps in to store what we repress.

The Journey

In this 4- hour workshop, we will:


  • Experience the coming of spring and the Pioneer through yoga, movement and Yoga Nidra.
  • Explore the meridians of the liver and the gallbladder through touch and sound.
  • Discuss the energy of wood in awakening and discover what that means for us in 2021.
  • Use freewriting or artistic expression to connect to the energy of anger and encourage anything that is repressed to find a constructive outlet.
  • Explore the connection between the natural follow of anger and healthy boundaries.
Cost and Venue

Investment: £40

Venue: online on zoom

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