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Time spent in workshops with The Yogologist offers the chance to go a little deeper than your regular yoga practice. Whether it be a specialised yoga session or an introduction to more challenging material, all workshops are designed to be accessible for the new yoga student as well as the more advanced practitioner.

Kundalini: Electromagnetism for the Heart

Sunday 28th May 2017

The Yogologist hosts ‘One for the Heart’ monthly Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Workshop with the Guru Ram Das Project in collaboration with Kundalini Yoga Collective. For this workshop, Shaura invites you to sit with her and explore the space where science meets divinity.

Adaptogenic Yoga: London stress response

As Londoners we constantly work to meet the demands of modern day life leaving the brain and body with very little time to rest. These Adaptogenic workshops offer vital methods and tools that will teach you how to protect your nervous system and find authentic relaxation within the city.

Kundalini Yogologie

This training looks at Kundalini Yoga and biological systems for mental healthiness and asks how can we teach or practice this yoga in an informed way that is appropriate for all? The answer lies in the connection between biology, environment and mind. Join us for this two-day workshop to explore the science behind the Kundalini mind.

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