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Themed retreats with The Yogologist in the quieter regions of the Algarve present the opportunity for you to rest while spending enriching time with the yogologie team. Whether you are looking for a full yogic learning experience, therapeutic recharge, or yoga and adventure, all are welcome here.

Kundalini Yogologie:
Exploring Kundalini Yoga

14th -19th November 2018

Dive into the depths of your being with this immersive Kundalini Yoga retreat. Immerse in Portugal’s mystical eastern Algarve, where you will be guided in exploration of Kundalini traditions, your personal journey, and periods of quietness with the intention of expanding our awareness of this practice and of ‘the self’.

New Year’s Yoga Retreat + Secret Ceremony

29th of December 2018 – 2nd of January 2019

A very special In Session retreat to see in the New Year with a sense of purpose and nourishment of the soul. You can join in sunrise yoga, vision building, walking and meditation, along with a ‘Secret Ceremony’, guided by Native American teachings, allowing us to connect to each other, the elements and the Earth herself, and move into the New Year with renewed strength and positivity.

Vernal Equinox Retreat + Secret Ceremony

17-22nd March 2019

In the Northern Hemisphere the first equinox marks the coming of spring in the world of astrology; this event allows us to experience day and night in equal measures. The balance between the sun and the moon energy coupled with the perpendicular effect of the suns rays on the planet make this a powerful time for us to connect to the Earth and our nearby celestial bodies in equal measures.

Yogologie Giftings

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In Session with The Yogologist

18th – 22nd June 2018

In Session retreats are an opportunity to rest, repair and restore under the guidance of The Yogologist. The retreat offers a harmonious combination of Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra and invigorating walks.

A detailed itinerary will be available soon. Please register your interest to be first to hear.

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