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More than Mindfulness CPD Training

The practice of mindfulness is currently receiving acclaim from the scientific community as a valuable state-of-mind intervention and a powerful tool for healthcare professionals in their capacity to support their clients.

Informed by the science of the human body, this Yoga Alliance CPD training imparts mindfulness-based exercises to bring oneself back to the ‘now’. Mindfulness training will deepen your own practice and offer invaluable tools to those working in mind and body professions.

What you will get from this training

Over this four-day training you will explore the application of mindfulness-based practices, both for personal and professional self-development.

We will guide you in letting go of the outside world by entering into a concentrated practice and becoming comfortable with using mindful enquiry as a tool to promote present-moment awareness.

Finally we will get the projector on the wall to investigate the scientific wisdom behind these methods, giving you a robust understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can be cultivated in our own or another’s mind. We cover some basic neuroscience, the benefits of a daily practice, and many practical ways to thread mindfulness through our work and lives.

You leave with the ability to lead mindfulness practices within your own established field of expertise or practice at home.

Dates + Location

Dates and location for the next Mindfulness and Clinical Skills training are TBC.

Please contact us to register your interest.


Investment for this training is TBC.

Please contact us to register your interest.

Shaura has an awesome knowledge and passion for the benefits of mindfulness and for the science behind it and her enthusiasm and generosity in sharing this make for an inspirational training experience.


More than Mindfulness graduate 2015

Who can take this training?

This training is open to:

  • All individuals who wish to understand or deepen their practice
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Body-based teachers and therapists
  •  Mind-based therapists (talk therapy)
  • Coaches
  • Any person wishing to develop their skills in working with others
Why take this training?

The ability to bring oneself back to the ‘now’ is a truly useful quality for personal development and the benefits can last for a lifetime. Mind and body practitioners can utilise these mindfulness-based exercises to foster present moment awareness which can, in time, reduce the mental suffering of clients.

This training offers a judicious approach to exercises that have been found to bring the nervous system into balance – necessary in mindfulness training so as to prepare you for cultivation of the mind.

Mindfulness practice has proven to be a rich tool for deepening your own daily practice and for practitioners in assisting a client to become embodied and to unpick the connections between mind, body and breath.

Professional Certification

You will leave with an embodied experience, extra skills, a manual and mindfulness scripts. Upon completion of this training you will also receive a CPD certificate from Yoga Alliance.

As a counsellor and massage therapist, the bringing together of mind and body is an important element of how I work.

This training gave me the skills and confidence to use mindfulness with a range of clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her approach and her training courses.


More than Mindfulness graduate 2015

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